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1 hour ago, Vipersfang00000 said:

When using this... What's to stop the player from spamming it? Is there s limit to how many players can roll the force dice? Page numbers from F&D 

With regards to the Heal aspect, as penpenpen said it counts as using a stimpack, so a PC can only benefit from a combination of stimpacks and Heal up to 5 times per day.

With the Harm aspect, unless you're a dark sider, you'll be gaining Conflict with each use, and in terms of damage output it's pretty "meh" compared to pretty much every other form of attack in the game, at least until you have a chance to boost up your Intellect.

There's also the balance factor that this power is expensive in terms of XP, both in getting the basic power but also acquiring upgrades.  For instance, getting around the "meh" values of healing and inflicting damage requires to invest 55XP to go through two Range upgrades and finally snag a Control upgrade to add your ranks in Medicine to the wounds healed/inflicted, which means more XP invested into Medicine.

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