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Rebels - semi swarm idea

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Hey, I come to you for some help.

I recently inished planning my six Tie/ln swarm idea and almost assembled the required ships. Now I am looking for a Rebel squadron with a more or less similar idea to a semi swarm. The idea is, to have a rather maneuverable set of four ships, that can lock an enemy in place with Ion Tokens and rain death and destruction on them. Here is what I have came up with so far:

Braylen Stramm (51) Ship total: 53
- Fire-Control System (2)
Ten Numb (48) Ship total: 50
- Fire-Control System (2)
"Dutch" Vander (40) Ship total: 55
- Ion Cannon Turret (5)
- R4 Astromech (2)
- Veteran Turret Gunner (8)  
Jake Farrell (36) Ship total: 40
- Ion Missiles (4)  
Total: 198    
YASB 2.0

Idea is, to have the Y-Wing and A-Wing try to make some Ion Tokens stick on a target, then use the B-Wings and their epic maneuverability to finish off the target. "Dutch" can gift Locks to B-Wings for their Sensor rerolls and Jake can grant Focus to Y-Wing. Tactics would be to fly the ships close to each other, to tap into their strengths best. Y-Wing with R4 can easily drop Stress from Barrel Rolls.

My only modification idea, would be to drop Ion Turret and VT Gunner for Ion Torpedoes on Y-Wing and equip both B-Wings with Marskmanship/Crack Shot, leaning towards Marksmanship as it can lead to some easy Bulls Eye followup on Ionized enemy for a double tap.

YASB 2.0 without Turret


All ships are Initiative 4, so you have full freedom how to fly and in what order to attack. So you can pick targets accordingly, based on who/if enemy gets hit with Ions.

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Huh. This list is similar to something i posted yesterday, though i lean more towards the idea of blocking ships through the ion instead of using them to force the range 1 engagement you want.

For reference, here you go:

Heff Tobber (45)    
    Intimidation (3)    
    "Zeb" Orrelios (1)    
    Leia Organa (6)    
    Pivot Wing (0)    
Ship total: 55  Half Points: 28  Threshold: 4    
Horton Salm (37)    
    Ion Cannon Turret (5)    
    Veteran Turret Gunner (8)    
Ship total: 50  Half Points: 25  Threshold: 4    
Norra Wexley (Y-Wing) (41)    
    Swarm Tactics (4)    
    Ion Cannon Turret (5)    
    Ion Torpedoes (6)    
Ship total: 56  Half Points: 28  Threshold: 4    
Arvel Crynyd (34)    
    Predator (2)    
    Intimidation (3)    
Ship total: 39  Half Points: 20  Threshold: 2    
Total: 200    
View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z33X122WW65W46WW140Y26XW138WWWWW90Y25X132W138W135WWWWY51X127W122W&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=


As for your list, i'd probably put crack shot on the B-wings, since you'll be attacking at close range you'll get a lot of value out of them. That is, unless you want that bid for something specific.

I would probably take out the FCSs as the B-wings should just be doing focus -> roll every turn.

I would take out veteran turret gunner to make space for ion torpedoes, because of the double tap is kin of a novelty, and you need more consistency to pull of the ion.

Jake also has 2 free talent slots right now, so something like predator + crack shot could make him pack a lot of punch for a low cost


This is what i end up with:



"Dutch" Vander (40)    
    Ion Cannon Turret (5)    
    Ion Torpedoes (6)    
    R4 Astromech (2)    
Ship total: 53  Half Points: 27  Threshold: 4    
Jake Farrell (36)    
    Crack Shot (1)    
    Predator (2)    
    Ion Missiles (4)    
Ship total: 43  Half Points: 22  Threshold: 2    
Braylen Stramm (51)    
    Crack Shot (1)    
Ship total: 52  Half Points: 26  Threshold: 4    
Ten Numb (48)    
    Crack Shot (1)    
Ship total: 49  Half Points: 25  Threshold: 4    
Total: 197    
View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z27XW138W135W5WWWY50X116W127W101Y73X116WWWWWY74X116WWWWW&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=


If you do want to commit to the double tap on the Y-wing, i suggest trading Dutch for Horton Salm, but that will make the ion missiles on jake a little more awkward.



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2 hours ago, LeMightyASP said:

Huh. This list is similar to something i posted yesterday, though i lean more towards the idea of blocking ships through the ion instead of using them to force the range 1 engagement you want.

My idea was, to have B-Wings do a Focus + Barrel Roll while Dutch provides them with a Lock. The Fire Control System lets you reroll one Attack Die on a target you have a Lock on, so you can potentially keep the Stress token for defense, in case you need it. If not, you get just more rerolls.

Crack Shot on B-Wings is not a bad idea, although I am going to test it out first, to see what feels better for me. I just like the idea, that Marksmanship will work the entire match, not just a one use thing.

I am thinking of what to take on A-Wing, haven't decided yet. Crack Shot and Marksmanship sound interesting. Especially with the A-Wings mobility and maneuverability. Getting those Bullseyes should be easier.

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The reason why i think crack shot is better is because it is much more explosive. On most occasions, marksmanship is considered for it's combo ability, with people like Maarek Stele. Crackshot is going to give you an extra hit. For 1 point, even if it's a single use, it is extremely impactful. And i feel like your list is trying to do as much damage in a single turn as it can.

As for the target lock thing, i thought it was meant for jake to get his missiles of, but i guess it makes more sense to give it to a more powerful weapon. Still, i like to point out that only Ten Numb should be using it, since Braylen will just use the stress.

By the way, you should always spend the stress before spending the focus on Ten Numb, you want to go into the next planning phase without stress.


Best of luck!

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