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Missing 12 heroes from Conversion Kit

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I've thought a considerable amount about this, and the consensus between myself and most of the group I play Descent with is the following (for these 4 heroes):

Varikas the Dead: Same as the CK except a tweaked hero ability.

Hero ability: At the start of your turn, you may suffer 1 wound to recover 2 fatigue."

Red Scorpion: Same stats as CK, but with a new hero ability and feat.

Hero ability: "At the start of your turn, you may suffer up to 3 wound to recover an equal amount of fatigue. At the end of your turn, you may suffer up to 3 fatigue to suffer an equal amount of wound."

Heroic Feat: Use at the end of your turn and test each attribute. Until the start of your next turn, your defense results gain shields equal to the number of successes.

Brother Glyr: Same stats as CK. New hero ability, slightly tweaked feat.

Hero ability: At the start of your turn, choose 2 heroes within 3 spaces of you. Each chosen hero gains up to 2 MP.

Heroic feat: (Same as CK, but an adjacent hero gains the damage reduction as well).

Mad Carthos: Same as CK, with minor changes. His hero ability should work for first use of EACH skill that costs 1 fatigue, not just first use of 1 skill. His heroic feat should apply to Rune weapons in addition to Magic weapons.


We played with this party a few times, it worked rather nicely. I would have liked for that campaign to have gone further...

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8 hours ago, rugal said:

I haven't find all ideas yet, but here is the first try

All ideas are welcome


Love the design of these cards, and it dawns on me one good thing about FFG wrapping up second edition is the realization that one still has a lot to do with it- playtesting various things, the things I'm working on, painting all my kit.......... so I think second edition will be the gift that keeps on giving for a fair few years (decades even) yet even without new stuff from FFG for it!


Maybe we should do the other missing entities- there are a few lieutenants/avatars and the new heroes we expected but never got that popped up briefly in Road To Legend (app) including Lost Legends cover star Shadar Runearmor. Maybe think about who they are- it always felt like Ruen The Living should have some sort of link to Varikas The Dead for example.


Thought: would/should the complete set of heroes balance out to the classes in any way?


Maybe we should co-create a Descent adventure series for the missing in action heroes and a few of the villains "The Forgotten: Lost Legends of Mennara" as a fanbase tribute to these forgotten characters :)


Here they all are (deep breath!), also sharing with RPG'ers as it may give them some ideas. I've already got ideas to bring some of these into the adventures I'm working on.


Complete list (I think!) of what's missing from 2e:


Heroes (in conversion kit but never made it to a hero and monster pack):

Bogran the Shadow

Landrec the Wise

Mad Carthos

Red Scorpion

Varikas the Dead

Brother Glyr




Laughin Buldar

Hugo the Glorious

Tobin Farslayer


First edition heroes info: https://www.descentinthedark.com/_h_/heroes.php

Second edition heroes info: https://descent2e.fandom.com/wiki/Hero


'New' 'Unused' Heroes that popped up in RTL (app) and Lost Legends cover art (Shadar)   https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1667128/unreleased-heros :

Khanokat Oul

Ruen The Living

Shadar Runearmor

Tenzi Of The Path


Avatars and Lieutenants (only the three Farrows made it across, the spider queen became Ariad, Master of The Hunt may have evolved into Ardus Ix'Erebus - it fits that Waiqar/Ardus style, some are fairly generic e.g. the sorcerer king is just a sorcerer):

Dar Hilzernod   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_d_/dar_hilzernod.php

Darkwind   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_d_/darkwind.php

Gata the White Death   (Realms of Terrinoth has the 'white death' as an environmental threat linked to the icy realms of Isheim)   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_g_/gata_the_white_death.php

Kar-Amag-Atoth   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_k_/kar_amag_atoth.php

Kratz the Plague  https://www.descentinthedark.com/_k_/kratz_the_plague.php

Krieg the Relentless   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_k_/krieg_the_relentless.php

Slaggorrath   who seems to be the spider queen's son   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_s_/slaggorrath.php

Soriss   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_s_/soriss.php

Sweetheart   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_s_/sweetheart.php

Thaadd the Destroyer   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_t_/thaadd_the_destroyer.php

The Ghost Ship   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_t_/the_ghost_ship.php

The Kraken   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_t_/the_kraken.php

The Siren   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_t_/the_siren.php

The Void   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_t_/the_void.php

Captain Bones   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_c_/captain_bones.php

Master of the Hunt   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_m_/master_of_the_hunt.php

Mistress of Serpents (a kind of lead Naga)   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_m_/mistress_of_serpents.php

The Beastman Lord   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_t_/the_beastman_lord.php

The Count   (may be nice to tie in with Eliza and the vampire 'crew' :) - could be suited to using Vorun'thul from RWM) https://www.descentinthedark.com/_t_/the_count.php


The Demon Prince   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_t_/the_demon_prince.php

The Great Wyrm   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_t_/the_great_wyrm.php

The Sorcerer King   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_t_/the_sorcerer_king.php

The Titan   https://www.descentinthedark.com/_t_/the_titan.php



One or more familiars such as Alex the Wise (parrot)


From Sea of Blood  https://www.descentinthedark.com/_s_/sea_of_blood.php  :

Ships  - could be tricky to introduce a 'working' version though as SoB is said to have its flaws gameplay-wise and the ships dynamic is quite different to other aspects of the game

4 cannon types:    Runeblast Cannons, Hawkeye Cannons, Coldsteel Cannons, Dragonfire Cannons


Daggertooth Shark



If we're feeling particularly ambitious there's also the new characters, potential heroes/monsters,  introduced in Runewars Miniatures :)


Finally these locations and terrain may also seed some ideas for Descent custom games or RPG'ing: https://www.descentinthedark.com/_l_/location_cards.php

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7 minutes ago, IamGazrok said:

Where are you getting Alex the Wise, and the cannon types from? And the Bloodsquid?



All of these are 'Sea of Blood' (first edition Descent) although I didn't remember the 'bloodsquid' (mine's in different places due to a housemove so I've not been able to check) so maybe that's different in mine or I've just forgotten....



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1 hour ago, Watercolour Dragon said:

Many things

About the 4 heroes discovered inside the app, I'm thinking about it, especially about Kanokat oul (since healers are really few) and Ruen the living (since he is a non human), but there is already enough warrior, and I wish the game has same amout of heroes from each archetype

But there's all some heroes from "Mists of Zanaga" from Runebound V2 that can have their place here (and I do love Maliki the claw as a "non human hero")

About lieutenants from D1, many where "reborn" in some way or other in Descent V2, so, it will be a bit complexe

what about one step after another one ?

Edited by rugal

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Just now, rugal said:

what about one step after another one ?

How does that work (says me working on umpteen Terrinoth projects at once and that's with the break of sorting some things at my flat!) :)


The list's mainly so people can pick what most interests them- it would be way too much to take it all on and at once.

Agree there are some great characters in the game, I'd second Maliki being one of them




On a similar note for inspiration there's a big list of Terrinoth/Mennara characters from several games here that was made by IamGazrok for RPG purposes- useful if you're looking for things that fit a particular adventure or just want to get lost in the depths of the lore of these lands:



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27 minutes ago, IamGazrok said:

I still can't find the parrot though. Do you have a direct link? Cool find on the characters that weren't published (I did add them).

Ah, it's not a familiar (although I tend to think of it as such) - there's actually four critters (two are a pair) that may be available to any character,


Alex the Wise (parrot)  https://www.descentinthedark.com/_a_/alex_the_wise.php

Lightfinger (some sort of bushbaby???) http://www.descentinthedark.com/_l_/lightfinger.php

Mata and Kata (ferrets / weasels / similar / both maybe if I remember correctly???) https://www.descentinthedark.com/_m_/mata_and_kata.php

Page 43-44 - if you can find the cards there's a better image than the tokens, not to mention this rulebook could be great fodder for RPG ideas also -  https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/descent/descent-sea-of-blood-rules-web.pdf


Which reminds me there's also Boggs the Rat - who could be quite fun to use with Verminous and his rat swarms from 2e!



Any other 1e animals I've/we've forgotten? I know there's a few ghostly things that may be similar, I've gradually been finding my older 1e stuff so shall add anything I dig up in due course!


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7 minutes ago, IamGazrok said:

Funny, Alex the Wise is actually based on a real life parrot.

I think I have most everything in my bestiary. https://www.scabard.com/pbs/campaign/235523/folder/243414

I have a pair of figures of different colours (same parrot species) so one or two of my games will feature (my idea) another parrot- Alexa the Foolish - couldn't resist the tech humor opportunity, plus an idea I won't spoil here :)


Btw, Sweetheart was based on a real life creature too- look it up!

Edited by Watercolour Dragon

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Mata and Kata are definitely ferrets. Says so in the Familiars section...but they are also a riff on Kodo and Podo (Beastmaster's ferrets).

Fun aside, I met Marc Singer (Beastmaster) this past weekend, and he absolutely hated the ferrets (as they simply upstaged him everytime). But he loved the big cat. He's an interesting guy, and had some fun stories. (got an autograph, and we also got a group V pic with him, Jane Badler, and Robert Englund...so that was fun). (for those who even know what "V" is...) (or Beastmaster....for that matter...I'm old). LOL.

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Do you have a link for the new images for Laughin Buldar and Aurim? I haven't seen those, not even in searching.

I do have them in already, just with different images.


FYI, you mentioned looking at RuneWars, etc. When fleshing mine out, I've been looking at everything Terrinoth that exists, even Diskwars, Battlelore, etc. There really are little tidbits of lore throughout all of these over the years...that really add up to a lot. Here's the whole list, if you are interested...




Runebound (First/Second)

Descent (First)

Runewars (First/Revised)

Dungeonquest (Third)

Rune Age

Descent (Second)

Battlelore (Second)

Runebound (Third)


Legacy of Dragonholt

Heroes of Terrinoth (just picked this one up, but still on the way)

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I like all these references to other things- wonder how many there are that I've totally overlooked, one of my favorites is there's actually a 'War Hammer' weapon in second edition Descent :)


Thanks for the games list, I'd recently got as far as knowing that list finally (I only recently discovered Battlemist after reading someone else's post on the games), it's getting so tempting to try to get some of the older ones, especially as I got one shop's last copy of Rune Age! Have quite a bit of 1e Descent unless anything got lost in the house move. Some of the out of print ones are crazy prices though as there aren't many on sale.


I've also got Drakon as it feels like a close friend of Terrinoth even though its not a Terrinoth game per se.


Runewars is of course the miniatures game and the boardgame. You know that but it's not clear on the list.


Excited for the fact the upcoming project is both Descent and Terrinoth related and is meant to go deeper than ever into the lore, wonder if it might join up the dots somewhat.

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