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Mad Cat

Screed TIE-Cycle

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In preparation for Rebellion in the Rim coming out I thought about a list to recycle a few TIE Interceptors with Reserve Hangar Bays.

389/400. Most Wanted, Planetary Ion Cannon, Solar Corona
Raider-II, Screed, HIE, D-Caps, Montferrat, Corvus, 93
GSD-I, Demolisher, ACMs, OE, Brunson, Aux Shield Team 85
Raider-I, ACMs, Reserve Hangar, SFO, 55
Raider-I, ACMs, Reserve Hangar, SFO, 55
Gozanti, Reserve Hangar, Comms Net, 28
Gozanti, Reserve Hangar, Vader, 27
3 TIE-int, Valen Rudor, 46

The Skilled First Officers on the raiders may seem an unusual choice for command 1 ships but they are for Vader to get a reroll if they find themselves double arcing a target. Screed will guarantee the ACM crit from the side arc while vader chokes the SFO to try and get a second crit with the front shot. Think of them as the Imperial Task Force Organa. 

Corvus deploys first followed by the fighters and flotillas and then the other ships. Corvus finally redeploys somewhere safe so it can protect the Commander on a fast obscured flanking move looking for some Heavy Ion softening up. 

4 Reserve Hangars may be overdoing things for the 3 interceptors. I could change one for a flotilla boosted Comms, or eat into the bid a little for 5 Interceptors with no Rudor and maybe drop Vader/SFOs or one Reserve Hangar. 

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I have been playing with reserve hangar bays for a couple of games now.  It allows you to really throw your interceptors in to combat early on.  I threw four of them at a rebel fighter swarm in turn 2 in my last game and had four reserve bays.  They all attacked with 5 blue dice due to having flight controllers, and all died on turn 3 but with counter I generated 30 blue dice worth of attacks. 


My opponent lost 2 A Wings, Wedge and an X Wing.  54pts to my 44 - except the next turn I had my interceptors back, having cost me only 12 pts for the bays, and because they're speed 5 they were back in combat on turn 4 and wrecking his squadron ball.

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