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Guri maneuver possibilities

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9 minutes ago, arkhamssaber said:

How many different outcomes are there for where Guri can end up when equipped with advanced sensors, Daredevil and Afterburners?

Lots, just remember that you can't afterburners after using advanced sensors. 

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12 minutes ago, Dragon_King said:

Thanks.  I was thinking of doing it in Vassal to give a visual view of how much table space she can reach.... but gave up quite soon after I did some calculations on how many positions there are. :) 

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6 hours ago, Cuz05 said:

9 pre-move repositions or 9 post-move repositions or 5 post-move repositions into 4 post-move repositions.....

I would say it's even more than that.

The boost (with Daredevil as OP said) are 5 positions.

And then 4 possible templates for the barrel roll.   (So 9 pre-move repositions) as you stated. Except for each barrel roll template there are 3 possible positions you can end up, depending on your final alignment against the template. 

So that's 17 pre-move repositions.

And this applies to all the other numbers where you included barrel roll.


Edit to add more numbers.

Her dial has 14 non-red moves, and 2 red ones.

So for AS + Daredevil:

  • 17x16 possible positions.  (272)     17 pre-move action into 16 possible dial positions.
  • Plus if you decide to move first then action = 14*17 + 2   (240).    14 move x reposition and 2 red moves with no action.

Then if we add Afterburners

6 possible 3-5 moves x 5 possible boost outcomes.  So an additional (30)


So roughly 542 possible sequences.  The true actual number of final positions are less, because some sequences will lead to the same result.  For example Boost 1 Fwd + move 1 Fwd ends on the same position as Move 1 Fwd then Boost 1 Fwd.

But still... 


And I'm certain I missed some.

Edit 2.

Oh wait... I can move, then afterburn and then still barrel roll.

So the last line should read.

  • 2 possible 3-5 red moves + afterburner boost.    (10)
  • 4 possible 3-5 non-red moves + afterburner boost * 12 barrel rolls (240)


Which brings the total to:  272+240+10+240 = 762




The final answer you gave is still spot on:  Lots.

Edited by Bort

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Can we faction in Dalan Oberos's pilot ability please.


Maybe one of those Vassal maps of where the ship and firing arc could be after a 3 Straight was dialed in, but the ship has advanced sensors and Daredevil and afterburners.

If a blue is dialed in 1-3 Straight or 1-2 banks Dalan can end up in 1 of 206 final positions!

Good luck blocking him!

Edited by Scum4Life
Forgot afterburners

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