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very random Phoenix deck list.....

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yeah.  kinda put this Phoenix deck not knowing what i was getting myself into. here's the list:


Kyūden Isawa  (Disciples of the Void)
Seeker of Earth
Before the Throne  (The Chrysanthemum Throne)
Kuroi Mori  (Core)
Riot in the Streets  (For Honor and Glory)
Sanpuku Seidō  (Disciples of the Void)
Teachings of the Elements  (Tainted Lands)

Character (37)
3  Naive Student  (Core)
1  Solemn Scholar  (Core)
1  Valiant Oathkeeper  (Bonds of Blood)
2  Asako Diplomat  (Core)
2  Chukan Nobue  (Masters of the Court)
2  Marauding Oni  (Tainted Lands)
2  Pacifist Philosopher  (Disciples of the Void)
2  Reader of Omens  (Elements Unbound)
3  Shiba Sophist  (For the Empire)
2  Shiba Tetsu  (Disciples of the Void)
1  Sincere Challenger  (Children of the Empire)
2  Asako Maezawa  (Underhand of the Emperor)
2  Inquisitive Ishika  (Disciples of the Void)
2  Sage of Gisei Toshi  (Children of the Empire)
2  Serene Warrior  (Core)
3  Chikai Order Protector  (The Fires Within)
2  Master of Gisei Toshi  (Fate Has No Secrets)
1  Prodigy of the Waves  (Into the Forbidden City)
1  Asako Azunami  (The Ebb and Flow)
1  Isawa Kaede  (Tears of Amaterasu)

Holding (8)
2  Ancestral Shrine  (Children of the Empire)
2  Bustling Academy  (All and Nothing)
2  Forgotten Library  (Core)
2  Magnificent Lighthouse  (For Honor and Glory)

Conflict (45)
Attachment (9)
3  Favor of the Kami  (Disciples of the Void)
2  Finger of Jade  (Tears of Amaterasu)
1  Grasp of Earth  (Core)
1  Tattered Missive  (Into the Forbidden City)
2  Pacifism  (Core)

Character (9)
2  Shrine Maiden  (For Honor and Glory)
3  Feral Ningyo  (Tainted Lands)
2  Kaito Kosori  (Disciples of the Void)
2  Isawa Tadaka  (Bonds of Blood)

Event (27)
2  All and Nothing  (All and Nothing)
2  Benten's Touch  (Into the Forbidden City)
2  Breach of Etiquette  (The Fires Within)
3  Purity of Spirit  (For the Empire)
2  Sabotage  (Tainted Lands)
2  Spies at Court  (Core)
2  The Path of Man  (Disciples of the Void)
3  Way of the Phoenix  (Core)
2  Wholeness of the World  (Disciples of the Void)
2  Earth Becomes Sky  (Bonds of Blood)
2  Warm Welcome  (Children of the Empire)
3  Way of the Chrysanthemum  (The Chrysanthemum Throne)


how would you rate this deck, and, if i was to take it to a league, what sort of changes would i need to make?

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I don't want to come as mean, but I must say it seems all over the place. For example, probably not enough bushi to take advantage of your bushi keyword interactions like riots in the streets. 

Way of the chrysanthemum seems powerful, but 3 is too much (even one) and not an honor victory efficient tool. 

You needn't tools reacting to Winning conflicts but tools to actually win conflicts. 

There seems to be no focus or clear theme/mechanic. Bit of courtiers, bit of Bushi... Many cool cards but nothing clicking well together. 

Not sure how it would fair in a league, but would not be optimistic. 

Take it back to the drawing board, and ask yourself what are you trying to achieve (win condition, discard engine, bushi focus, spell focus)? Don't throw everything and the kitchen sink in there.

And find a good splash. 

You need more 3 of, less 1x. Consistency is better than cramming your deck with potential answers to everything, even when drawing 5 cards a turn. 

And be conscious that Phoenix play is expensive so be mindful of the economy. 

Here's for example a list I'm running, pretty consistent and taking advantage of Phoenix's powerful spells. 

It focuses on water spells, rings and characters effect for board ready state and multiple conflicts participation and fields lots of cheap shugenja to "foil" assassination. Splash lion to counter EBS and boost lowly shugs with my ancestor strength. 


I'm short on neutrals for this deck, running 3 other decks out of my 3 cores and one of each pack/cycle pool, but you could throw in some banzai, court games and censure in it if you have access to them to give it staple cards. 


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