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So For Anyone Watching FFG Live AMA

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FFG has NO plans to shut down the RPG line. The decision to do compilation books is because the system has been around a while (implication it helps new fans coming into the game). 

Money quotes from Andrew Navaro:

“There are still plenty of cool Era sourcebooks to be done.”

“We gonna keep that thing going (the RPG) as long as we can.”


 So the line is going nowhere. 

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Glad to hear it!

I find "plenty of cool Era sourcebooks to be done" very interesting. We have the sequel Era and probably one set in between 6 & 7 (where Mandalorian takes place I believe), so what else constitutes plenty?

Hopefully they've got some go ahead to maybe do some old "Legends" stuff. Disney brought the Clone Wars shpwback and FFG has started pumping out Clone Wars material so it seems they are a bit more lenient with what they are letting people work with.

I, like many others I'm sure, am really hoping for some Old Republic stuff!

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In hindsight, what Andrew says is not actually that comforting:

'We're going to keep that thing going [the RPG] as long as we can' is not great.

Not 'we've got stuff in the pipeline' but just an expression of hope that they can continue, if allowed. He said this after looking at the ground and thinking of how to phrase his answer. 

Then an explanation of how compilation books were useful for a system 'a little bit longer in the tooth'.

Then 'There are still plenty of cool era sourcebooks to be done and I think we'd love to continue to do them'. 

Not that they were being done, but an observation that they could be done, were FFG to be permitted. 

What he's saying here - qualified by the fact that he might be NDA-ed to the hilt – is not that they have anything coming out, but that they could make more products if permitted to. 

He talks of era books but doesn't mention sector books like the Arkanis sector book which would give us more stuff on Tatooine. No mention of divergent products - heck, Platt Okeefe from WEG days was mentioned in the recently released Smugglers' Guide book, bringing her back into the canon - Platt's Starport Guide was a superb product. A shadow port guide from FFG would be amazing. Adventure books have disappeared (if they only sell to GM's then take a leaf out of WotC's playbook and release a sector gazeteer book / adventure instead).

So it's a confusing picture. Prior to the reestablishment of Old Republic canon via the movie trilogy series that's in development I can't see a KOTOR era book. Until Rise of Skywalker is out I can't see them being given access to the material required to write an Age of Resistance era book either. We could get an Order 66 / The Dark Times book (which would be awesome), as we now know Kenobi is set eight years after RoTS, in roughly the same time frame as the Cassian Andor series. A post-ROTJ era book to coincide with The Mandalorian would be interesting but they would need access to what is probably privileged information from Lucasfilm.

I get the impression FFG have pitched a number of ideas to Lucasfilm and haven't had a green light on any of them.

Hence an empty release schedule and Andrew's answers which are all about aspiration - hoping to do more, having the ability to do more - but without actually admitting anything is in the works.

Fingers crossed...



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