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Thoughts on a Reikan list

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Name: Zombie headhunters
Faction: Rebel
Commander: General Rieekan

Assault: Most Wanted
Defense: Fighter Ambush
Navigation: Superior Positions

MC75 Armored Cruiser (104)
• General Rieekan (30)
• Toryn Farr (7)
• Ordnance Experts (4)
• Boosted Comms (4)
• Electronic Countermeasures (7)
• Flechette Torpedoes (3)
• Leading Shots (4)
• Quad Battery Turrets (5)
= 168 Points

Pelta Command Ship (60)
• Ray Antilles (7)
• All fighters, Follow Me! (5)
• Boosted Comms (4)
= 76 Points

GR-75 Medium Transports (18)
• Bomber Command Center (8)
= 26 Points

• Lieutenant Blount (14)
• 5 x Z-95 Headhunter Squadron (35)
• Ketsu Onyo (22)
• 3 x Lancer Pursuit Craft (45)
• HWK-290 (12)
= 128 Points

Total Points: 398

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Not enough bomber power to justify bomber command center drop Blount and the Z-95s for more. Also those squadrons are fast enough they don't need All Fighters Follow Me. If you must have the Z-95s drop flechettes for something else since yu'll have plenty of squadron combat capability. I've never been a fan of leading shots on an MC-75, that's really for a ship that has most dice in either a front or broadside arc I think HIE would serve you better. Also you know Torryn Farr doesn't apply to the ship she's on right? Move her to the GR-75

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