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No Time For Sorrows 'timing'

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Hi everyone,

I have a question about NTFS (and more in general about the command phase):

I have a unit that is outside of range 3 from leia.

if i issue an orther to leia and then she gets to move, could this cause here to be in range 3 of that unit and issue them an order(so that they get to move with NTFS)?

Or are the orders given simultaneously?



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I'll explain while answering the question...

No Time for Sorrows: When a friendly trooper unit is issued an order, it may perform a speed-1 move.


On page 11 of the RR 1.5.0 it explains about Abilities,

  • Upgrade cards and command cards also contain abilities. Each ability describes when and how it is resolved.
  • If the timing of an ability uses the word “when,” that ability’s effect occurs at the exact moment of the described timing event.


So, you certainly may issue an order using No Time for Sorrows to Leia, she does the speed-1 move. Now being in range 3 of this other friendly trooper unit, can now be issued a order using No Time for Sorrows too.

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