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The Playbook (YouTube Tactics Series)

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Hello Legion Lovers,

My name is Mbweha (Ben), and I'm one fifth of Team Relentless, which is a collection of Star Wars: Legion players who are dedicated to success at high levels of competitive play through growth, innovation, and sportsmanship. We've recently launched our first YouTube series: The Playbook.

Each episode of The Playbook is less than ten minutes, and focuses on doing just one thing in Legion very well. The first three videos (74-Z Speeder Bikes, Winning the Sniper War, and Death Troopers) are up now. I hope you'll check them out and learn something new!


Mbweha (Ben)


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Nice, really like the reviews, especially the speeders because I love the models, but man I need to learn how to use them better. Guide will definetly come in handy next time I use them. 

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