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Custom Character Sheet for Genesys (SotB+?)

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We recently started playing SotB and really enjoyed it, so we went ahead and created our own campaign.

With that campaign, I wanted to make my own character sheet. Here's a link to it (OneDrive):


I wanted to centralize the combat and stats on one page and the character related things on another. Then I wanted to expand the inventory and weapon sections a bit. Finally, there are some space for companions (drones, vehicles, minions etc) as well as an expanded talent page.


There are some great character sheets on here already with automagical calculations of stats and display of dice etc. This does not have that. This was only a fun little side project for me where my only real goal was to have a sheet that felt a little more thematic for our SotB-based campaign.

The sheet is form fillable. It's not perfect but it works for me for the most part.
If this looks interesting to you please feel free to use it and let me know how it worked out for you. Any feedback is welcome.


Note: While I created the majority of the content, there are some pictures from the FFG promotional material from their homepage used in the background - I do not own the rights for these and if asked I will take this down.

Thank you!


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