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Retrieve using Movement Points

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Some missions allow heroes to retrieve tokens by spending movement points. I have 2 questions about this:

1) Can you still retrieve the tokens using an interact? (while normally not as good, it matters for abilities like Mak's Expertise or Onar's Brute Strength, as well as the Grappler Arm supply card)
2) If you gain movement points outside of your activation, can you spend those to retrieve a token?


(also posted to bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2262689/retrieve-using-movement-points)

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#2) Yes - unless there is some other text that prohibits it (e.g. "During your activation, spend 2 movement points...") then you can spend any movement points you get to retrieve the token, including MP that might be gained from a special action like the "urgency" command card.

#1) My first instinct was no, since I've never seen it done, but I can't actually find anything in the rules to support that.  Under "Retrieving Tokens" in the RRG:


Some missions allow figures to retrieve specific tokens.  A figure adjacent to or in the same space as the token can perform an interact to retrieve the token.

So if the mission rules actually use the word "retrieve" (e.g. "A figure may spend two movement points to retrieve a token...") then I would argue that yes, by RAW, you should be able to retrieve a token in the traditional way as well.  Whether or not that's the actual intent of the rule is another case entirely, of course, and I could see an official ruling going the other way as well.  I could also see someone arguing that, since mission rules supersede core rules, the movement points rule overrides the usual interact rule - to which I'd argue that the two aren't mutually exclusive, but who knows.

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We're talking edge cases, but another application could be the alliance smuggler.  He gets to move two spaces after an interact, and in rare cases it could be better to interact and move 2 spaces (e.g. through another figure or blue terrain) than it would be to spend 2 movement points to pick up the thing and the other two points to move.

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Posted (edited)

Do you have an example mission?

1) You can't retrieve a token unless there's a mission rule for it. As far as I remember, the mission rules give a generic rule for retrieving the token (by interacting), then additional rule to retrieve by spending movement points.

2) Yes, if you otherwise fulfill the requirements of the mission rule (usually "on or adjacent") and unless the mission rule includes "during your activation". You have to spend the gained movement points as interrupt, but it's not limited to moving.

Edit, seems to me that for example:

  • Jabba's Realm: Hostile Negotiations only allows retrieve by spending movement points.
  • HotE: Unfinished Business only allows retrieve by spending movement points.


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