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Call for Suggestions: Looking for something off-meta but effective

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To update anyone in this thread that's interested in how this turned out, I took Wullffwarro War Crimes (variation #9) to the Intermountain Cup and got 6th place (of 36).  I really wanted to get into the top four and came amazingly close, but that last fight was a brutally hard counter (cagey aces flown by a very good and well-practiced player), and I failed to seize victory.  If only I'd gone against one of the other fleets; I knew how to fight them quite well!

All the say, that's pretty good for a filthy casual flying off-meta nonsense.  ^_^

After many iterations, tests, and a lot of discouragement (seriously I lost a ton during practice sessions, and expected to lose all day today and can't believe I did so well), here's the variation I went with:

  • Wullffwarro with Trick Shot + Saw Gererra + Targeting Computer
  • Jan Ors with Moldy Crow
  • Wedge with Outmaneuver + R2 Astromech + Servomotor S-Foils

198 points

Targeting Computer releasing when it did was such a boon.  It allowed me to switch Dutch out for Wedge and still have full dice modification on Wullff.  Wedge was a monster and he scared a lot of ships for good reason; they either had to flee him, turn in and deal with him directly, or die when flanked.  Paired with a potential fully-modded 7-dice Wullff, this created a tough choice for opponents!  In one game, Wullffwarro's one job ended up being to chase the ace away because it was terrified of getting into his arc again, which let his wingmates gradually pick apart the rest of the fleet before chasing the ace down (I believe that was Soontir?).  Wedge got the outmaneuver shot often enough to definitely justify the card, imo; -2 defense dice is brutal to agile ships, and I could often make range 3 or obstructed shots against a target that rolled 1 or 0 dice thanks to Wedge being evil.  Though he had a bad habit of rolling exactly 1 hit even with dice mods, which became a serious problem a couple of times.  😠  Aw well.

I may write up a detailed postmortem on the fleet at some point, but suffice it to say, I love it.  ^_^

And thank you everyone who posted with fantastic ideas here!  I ended up revisiting my own fleet and fixing it up, so in retrospect, this thread was a clever ruse to get people to post fun lists for me to try!  Now that I'm not practicing the same list over and over for a tournament, all my options have opened way up!  You fools, you've fallen right into my hands.  Your fun list ideas are mine to play now!

(Thank you, everyone!!!)

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15 hours ago, Wazat said:

I may write up a detailed postmortem on the fleet at some point, but suffice it to say, I love it.  ^_^

Please do! Your list seems really interesting, would love to learn to fly it.

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