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Shield World: Latania

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Allow me to preface this by saying that I am new to Genesys. I have done Age of Rebellion a bit but for the most part I am new. I also like to mesh multiple ideas into one design. Which is what my setting is.

I normally start with a "What If", and I did this time as well. That What if being:

What If a fantasy world, was also a Halo Shield World like thing? What would the countries be like. How do you describe the sky of something like Requiem? On top of this I like to give players a time table or overarching mission? What would work well here?

So over all, I settled on a Fantasy Shield World, that has some sort of sentient being killing miasma that is repelled by crystals (ala Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles) created by the world goddess.

The players must travel the lands and gather Myrrh, which is used to charge the crystals that keeps the Miasma away from towns, cities, ect. They must also stay within a bubble while adventuring or they will begin to be consumed.


I'll continue to keep this post updated as we go. Please let me know what you think.

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