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My Work In Progress Sullust Table

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Paint isn't all done (first coat on the bunker is still wet in these pictures even) and it still needs some scaffolding and more bunkers to break up all the black, but it's finally playable. :) 

Still need to paint the ffg priority supplies, wash the 3d printed boxes, paint a few more barricades...



Board itself if 6 2x2 mdf boards covered in plaster/sand/acrylic caulk/ paint / glue mix

AT-AT is the Hasbro 2010 one

rocks are pink foam

landing pad is pink foam on some house paint cans and some plastic tubes (Still need to magnetize it to stay in place, just gravity for now)

U-wing is the nerf blaster Hasbro one

most boxes were found on thingiverse and 3d printed 

lava is repainted battlefield in a box swamps

bunker started life as a plastic container of doughnuts

barricades and at-st are ffg

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