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Custom Campaign - Oath of the Anvil

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We, Coyotus and myself, are happy to show you our last campaign : The Oath of the Anvil.

This campaign needs in addition of the base game the expansion "Lair of the wyrm", "Labyrinth of ruins", and "Oath of the outcast", "Guardians of Deephal", "Crusade of the Forgotten", "Crown of destiny" and "Vision of dawn" Heroes and monsters boxes.

The 2 new mechanics in this campaign are :
- The weather. Deep in the north of Ishem, blizzard and icing terrain will be as dangerous as monsters here
- Cursed relics : their power is really strong, but the they have a strong backslash

Long time ago, during the second darkness, some relics with power far beyond any being should have were created. At the end of the war, the Oath of the Anvil was made and that pact was kept by the dwarves of Frostgate. But a evil one finally learned about this Oath and the secrets it kept away, a lich, far older from most, an unkillable undead who masters death beyond death, aided in his search by Styg, an old deman that wovs death by any means and actually made a pact with Nordros, and Arthas, a paladin whose mind is lost and now believes that only death can save us all.

Each year, Nordros and Kellos fight against each other, the first one bringing the winter, the second the summer. But this year, winter is long, harder, and extend more than ever. Frostgate baron hired heroes to look after this matter. If the oath was to be broken and the relics fall to evil hands, the fourth darkness would be engaged, maybe the end of Terrinoth, if not all Mennara.

You are the heroes hired for this quest. But beware, the winter in Ishem is so strong that unprepared heroes would suffer the hardness of the winter, his freezing wind and sliding caves.

For this campaign, you will have to print the new relics and lieutenant, and have some figure for them. I leave this to your choices, but for the ones who want it, links to Hero Forge are avalaible.



The campaign balance should be good, we have played it already 20 times, but some story text are missing. If you see any typo, please let me know. Hope you will like it ! This one is better than Margath's (and with the experience I'm on it to balance Margath again)

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