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Bullseye arc effects add insult to initiative injury

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15 hours ago, Quarrel said:

As well as any game that neither founded a market nor is based on a major IP. (In the list of things that makes or breaks a game's sales, mechanics are far from the top.)

Many dogfighting games offer aces the equivalent of better dials, so they can be less predictable, or get into position faster, or escape bad spots more easily, all without allowing them to partially avoid the game's "commit to your maneuver in advance" foundation. It's also quite common, across most of the rules I've looked at, to let a fighter see an enemy's plotted move before plotting its own if it gets on that enemy's tail. It's something any pilot can do if you use your tactical skill to fly 'em right, not something you get every round if you pay more, or never if you don't.

To the first comment, well, I can assure you that god versus bad gameplay in a game is at the VERY top when it comes to sales, there has been plenty Starwars board /figure games with bad gameplay you have never heard of due to that very reason. 

To the second comment, I am not sure at all what you are getting at, but I am not talking about aces versus non-aces in my comment to "positional-reaction to how the planning phase unfolds".

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