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Conjurer Build - Advice

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Starting a new campaign in RTL, Embers of  Dread and i am going to play a conjurer for the first time.

Hero will be Astarra.

I have done some theorycrafting and i likely go for the following skills:

Illusory path(1xp)

Refraction (1xp)

Sleight of Mind (2xp)

Vortex (3xp)

Should be a very mobile Zone Control Build (and hopefully enjoyable)

RTL will propably give around 8xp, but the question is: in which order should these skills be taken ?

I am thankfull for any insights from your conjurer experience

(Will be playing on hard, and my group normally does not buy extra XP in city actions, so "Standard" progression)


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I buy Illusory Path first (espescially with Astarra, as it unlocks key mobility for her and the images:

-Place an image 2 spaces away (free if only image)

-Suffer 1 fatigue to gain a MP

-Because of the above, you can move the image 1 space further away.

-Use the MP gained to use Astarra's hero ability and teleport to the far sife of the image.

Congrats, you've just moved 4 spaces away with 1 fatigue and no actions.

Other skills are really your preference as far as order, depending on whether your party needs ranged attack (refraction) or crowd control (vortex).

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