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How to build an SSD

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So just wanted to get thoughts on the SSD and likely build paradigms


ive been playing around with two:

The full fat assault prototype, total focus on combat and a nasty line in flack, backed up with a Gozanti for support and a black dice raider to cover its sensitive little bottom. Three ship no squadrons. 


Command prototype, using tokens and fleet commands to be a bit nimble and  levering the fact it can activate and support a shed load of squadrons in one activation. Single ship squadron heavy.


Anyone got any other thoughts on likely build paradigms for the SSD...points would seem to limit options.



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SSD Msu (388/400)

Commander: Moff Jerjerrod

Objectives: Contested Outpost

[flagship] Star Dreadnought Command Prototype (220)
 - Moff Jerjerrod (23)
 - Ravager (4)
 - Intensify Firepower! (6)
 - Leading Shots (4)
 - Quad Laser Turrets (5)
 - Agent Kallus (3)
 - Emperor Palpatine (3)
 - Damage Control Officer (5)
 - Quad Battery Turrets (5)
 - Gunnery Team (7)
= 285 total points

Gozanti-class Cruisers (23)
 - Suppressor (4)
 - Comms Net (2)
= 29 total points

Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54)
 - Hand of Justice (4)
 - Electronic Counter Measures (7)
 - Captain Needa (2)
 - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7)
= 74 total points

did this today for a few games. Arq is surprisingly powerful. I like this one the most. I’ve done a few others. SSD needs long range support.  Anything that gets close just dies too quickly. 

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5 hours ago, Muelmuel said:


I was thinking the same thing Corvus is made to be the SSDs flanker,  whichever side of the ISD it looks like the attack will develop Corvus can sort you out.


the question is what sort of fighter wing to put with the SSD, if you add in Corvus your only having a limited number of points for your 6 fighters...it’s not likely to be aces so maybe some form of basic wave one staple air wiing.

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Posted (edited)

I ran an Assault plus two coms net this weekend. I see SSD lists needing: a bid usually for second player, crit mitigation, the ability to turn when you need to, anti starfighter capabilities and 'enough' activations. 

The bid is to hopefully let you choose to go second when a token farming fleet appears, or to avoid grav wells. 

Crit mitigation could come in a few different ways: DCO, Wessex, Brunson, or any combination. I think Wessex is the most consistent when paired with DCO but that would then force the Executor title for the number of engineering tokens you would want. Brunson 'works' in the but I wouldn't  recommend her alone. Just don't bring all three at 400, it's overkill.

An SSD that can't turn when it needs to is a sad SSD. Rocks or ships could end up in front of it, it could end up flying away from combat. So if you don't have JJ, Piett, or evasive maneuvers you will be easily out flanked or punished for sailing in a straight line. How isn't super important just that you can. 

Starfighters can quickly eat through your SSD's defensive abilities. Personally QLT and PDR make a good pairing, ~63% of returning fire for 1 damage which when coupled with flak attacks can help wittle down star fighters quickly. However your own fighter wing or other answer to 134 points of angry fighters. 

Lastly you need enough activations to let you choose when to acitivate the SSD. One gozanti or raider or something may be enough it might not. Personally I think 4 activations with the SSD is a good number, although more would be better. 


With all that said I see two branches of fleet building, Assault SSD either a gozanti or two focusing on making you deal with the huge angry triangle, with enough support to keep it alive and Command SSDs that use the native tankineess of the ship to go largely unupgraded for more fleet bulk. I think there is more potential in the Command SSD, but I also see it as the more risky option as it's the 'smaller' of the two ships

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