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Acrylic Token Review

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I have purchased many acrylic tokens for X-Wing and recently some for Legion, so I thought I would share a review of two of those companies, one good, one bad. Neither company payed me for this, so you’ll get the unvarnished truth.


3D Game Shop on Etsy: Legion Tokens


Rob (the owner) is very friendly helpful and seems to have a real desire to make a product he can be proud of (a rarity lately imho). He was also open to criticism, so if there was something you didn’t like, let him know, he’s sure to correct it for your next purchase. I purchased tokens from Rob twice and he shipped them the next business day and I got them within two (we do live in the same province though).

The packaging of the token was more than it needed, giving little to no chance of damage. It shipped by Canada post (take from that what you will). Canada post was sufficient to the task imo, but others may not be a fan.

The tokens are for the most part accurate recreation of the original tokens and the overall look is a beautiful (as much as tokens can be beautiful) glossy token. Some companies create stylized versions that are in some way similar to the original cardboard.The problem with tokens that are too stylized is that your opponent can claim that they can’t tell what those tokens are and by the rules, they have every right to insist you switch to something else, meaning back to cardboard. The tokens come with front and back paper on, which can be good and bad. The bad is that it’s time consuming pulling the paper off tokens, especially if you purchased quite a few. The good is that the tokens will not get scratched in transit (not that it’s possible since they were packed very well), but even better you can paint the tokens without worry of going outside of the etching lines. The laser etching is deep enough to even hold the paint from those who are heavy with their layers, but not too deep to feel odd to the hand. The etching is also centered flawlessly from what I can tell and each token is neither too thick or too thin. It is important to note, that the tokens can be purchased painted or unpainted and I opted for unpainted. So I had to prime, paint and varnish each, and I don’t own an air brush. The tokens’ price is good compared to other token vendors at about $4 for 5 tokens.

Overall I find it difficult to think of a single issue I have with these tokens. But so you don’t think this review was somehow solicited, I would complain about the roughness of the etched area. The etched area is quite bumpy so that when you put paint, you either need several layers or thick layers to completely cover the bumps. There is also a benefit to the extra bumpines, as it does help the paint adhere better, and If this is something you don’t like, I’m sure Rob would be open to change.

The verdict: Rob’s 3D Game Shop on Etsy has awesome tokens, well worth the price. I would give these tokens 4.5 out of 5, but only because I believe there is always room for improvement, so I don’t give 5s. Though in all honesty, I don’t see what could be improved.Check out 3D Game Shop. He has a lot of things, not just for Legion and in wood as well if you like wood.


Micro Art Studio: Star Wars Legion Starter Pack


This pack of tokens comes with almost every kind of token you would find in a starter set including Command tokens, but not a Commander token. At first blush, this set looks like an awesome value at $45 (CAD) for about 50 tokens some of which are large, but it is very misleading. Though you do get quite a few tokens for a fairly low price, all but the Command tokens come unpainted. They are also without the paper attached, so they are more challenging to paint. There is a trick to removing paint that slopped past the etching. Use the flat edge of another acrylic token to scrape the excess paint off (the edge of a dodge or standby token works well). Any scratching from this is minimal. Which brings us to the laser etching of these tokens, it isn’t very deep and depth seems to vary from token to token. Some tokens have etching so shallow that almost any paint will have to sit above the level of the rest of the token, no matter how thin your layers are. The etching is also not centered on every token, almost like they got lazy on some of them. The acrylic is a nice thickness, but everything, but the Command tokens are see through. The tokens colour vaguely resembles the colour coding they use in Legion (- greenish for aim, dodge, standby - yellow for suppression, panic etc), though the green doesn’t look very green unless beside one of the yellow tokens. The symbols on the tokens are the same as the cardboard tokens for some (aim, suppression, panic), slightly different for others (standby), and very stylized for others (dodge) and it’s these differences that can allow your opponent to force you to use cardboard tokens instead (within the rules). 

The Verdict: I would recommend saving your money and purchasing tokens from a better vendor. Though there may be some out there that have had luck when purchasing these tokens, I’d say it’s a lot like any game of chance, you could get something good, or something not worth your money. I would give these tokens a 1.5 out of 5 and that’s only because of the price. I personally don’t have anything against this company, but it does seem like they don’t care what kind of quality of product they put out.


The above comments were just my personal opinion. If you like or dislike something contrary to my opinion, may the Force be with you, you’re entitled to your opinion as much as I am to mine, but I hope this review helps. Unfortunately I can’t post picks of my tokens since my attachments are full on this account and I’m old, so I don’t have an account somewhere with one of those photo sharing sites. Now get off my grass you young whipper snappers! 😖

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Posted (edited)

I should probably mention that the victory tokens acrylic colour (normally white) is not the default colour and if you want another colour, talk to Rob before you place an order.

Edit: This comment makes more sense with pictures. 🤪🙄{they need a forehead slapping emoji}

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I've been looking at 3DGameShop's surge tokens recently, and while they look OK, they just don't look to be in the same league as Buy The Same Token or Curled Paw.  Glad to hear you like them, however.  I personally can't stand cardboard tokens and have almost completely upgraded to acrylic for everything but surge tokens and Republic/CIS victory tokens.  Just waiting to find a version of those that I like. 

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