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(Crew) Vader can discard Gherant during the attack he'd be discarded, right?

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I guess this seems like an obvious question, but just asking it to make sure...

vader_officer.png gherant.png


Obviously Gherant protects a ship until it attacks, then normally he'd discard.  (Crew) Vader can discard a crew DURING the attack to get a reroll.

Sooo...Gherant ship sidles up to an enemy ship, protected his own ship by his effect, begins an attack on the enemy ship, (Crew) Vader discards him for rerolls, then 'after the attack' you'd have to discard him because you made an anti-ship attack...but you can't, he's already gone.  No negative effect of that, nothing is lost or prevented along the way, Vader and Gherant both fully utilized.

That seems to be true, just checking...

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11 minutes ago, Ardaedhel said:

Nice combo, I like it.

Now if only Gherant weren't so awful...


He's cheap, and when you see a pile of ACMs, APTs, or HIEs running around, he can save a lot of damage.  He's not a brace - he stops ALL crit effects, ALL the time, ships or squads or whatever, no exhaust.  Until you shoot a ship, of course.  He pairs well with ships that want to sit tight until black-dice-range, when their opponents are trying to land crits from further out.  Or dedicated anti-squad ships - he can endlessly block bomber crits, returning fire, without being spent.

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