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In one game, the PCs managed to crash-splash their ship on a water world. It was staying afloat, but they certainly needed and wanted to get back to space ASAP.

As they assessed the damage, they were soon surrounded by a bunch of friendly and obviously primitive aquatic people. The people very curiously watched the PCs for awhile before approaching and offering some fish.

One of the PCs, a Rodian, decided he was going to strip down and jump into the water. He frolicked for a bit with the people.

The PCs' NPC protocol droid came topside to see what was going on. One of the players asked the droid what it might know of these people. I had them roll the droid's Outer Rim skill. The net result was one Triumph and one Despair. The droid said, "I'm unfamiliar with this species. But they're probably man-eaters," and went back into the ship.

The Rodian player looked at me and asked, "wait, was that the Triumph, or the Despair?" I simply shrugged and mentioned that his new friends were tugging on him... probably to play some more.

He got out of the water so fast!

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18 hours ago, Bellona said:

How did he manage six yellows? Only characteristics max out at 6; skill ranks max out at 5. Does he keep using destiny points, or is there some talent or weapon attachment which allows that last upgrade?

Cybernetics can cause skills to cap at six (and stats at 7).

More likely is true aim, which does an upgrade per rank.

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On another occasion, the PCs learned that a person of interest they were pursuing was also the owner of a seedy and rough gin joint. They went to the place and decided they would need to sneak into the back office and see what they could dig up. However, they were greatly concerned by the grumpy looking Wookiee bouncer.

They hatched a plan. Two of them would slip back into the hall while the other two would cause a distraction to occupy the Wookiee. One of the two distractionists was a Force user; he used Move to push the waitress into a patron.

With the distraction in play, I had the sneakers roll their stealth. Success, but with a Despair and a couple Threats.

The two of them disappeared into the back just fine.  Meanwhile, the angry patron got up and began to cause a scene with the poor waitress who "tripped" into him. The Wookiee wasn't having any of that.

The two PCs who caused the ruckus watched in helpless horror as the Wookiee bouncer ripped one of the patron's arms off and beat him with it!

And then I gave the Force user a couple points of Conflict to go with it.

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