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Core Set Painted

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Finally got around to painting my core set of Imperial Assault a few weeks ago. There's still a couple more touch ups I need to get around to (cleaning up the bases, finish some details on the Nexus and Vader, etc.), but overall I'm very happy with how they've turned out. Not gonna win any awards, but very pretty to look at all bundled together.


The whole set together, along with some paper terrain too keep them from looking totally barren on my desk.


Luke Skywalker. I used the same two paints to get his skin, shirt, pants, and boots; lots and lots of blending.


Jyn, Gaarkhan, and Diala. The heroes were definitely my favorite to paint up. I gave them all a matching paint scheme, to try and make them feel like a cohesive unit. In hindsight, it kinda makes them feel less unique, but I still think they all look cool together.

I mixed a lot of paints together to get Diala; I imagine it's the sort of thing most experienced painters are used to, but I hadn't done any mixing before this project. As such, I'm really proud of the colors I got on her.


Mak, Fenn, and Gideon. I really like how Mak's skin came out, plus Fenn and Gideon just look cool. I realized after painting Gideon's coat that I'd used the color I usually use when painting dark skin. Had a fun time figuring out how in the heck I was gonna get his skin right without looking like the coat or being too light/dark.


Vader. Pretty simple, really; half-and-half black and gunmetal for the chestpiece, then just gloss for the shiny bits and a red saber. He still needs the colored lights/buttons on his chest and belt (something my sister pointed out, and she's not even a Star Wars person).


Royal Guard. I painted these guys last, so their simplicity was a huge relief. Red base, black wash (with gloss on the helmets and gloves), then black and silver weapons.


Stormtroopers. I did all my Stormtroopers first thing, so they're some of the shoddiest painting; the white I have is atrociously thick, and I had to lay down a heavy wash to get them looking anything like clean. Still, they were some of the easiest to paint, and they still look decent.


E-Web Engineer. At first I was loathing to have to paint these guys, then I realized I could do just the white armor and leave the rest black. I plan to go over the gun with at least a metallic drybrush, maybe some glossy bits, but still. Stormboys are delightfully easy for how bothersome the paint I use for them is.


Officers. Did some research for these guys; turns out the grey is the Navy uniform, while black is for Stormtrooper officers. I really like how the Elite turned out; simple, but effective. I would have considered trying white, but a) that would be ISB, and b) atrocious paint. These are the guys I did my first skin-tone tests on.


Probe Droids. Another wonderfully easy group; black base, metallic drybrush, glossy eyes.


Trandoshan Hunters. Basic is in Yellow, Elite in Red. These were some of the earlier guys I painted, and they're probably my favorite. Admittedly they had a bit too much wash pooling, but I really like how much they pop with color. I really need to invest in a wider range of paints so I can get more colorful models like this on the table.


The Nexu. The one on the left is the traditional style (minus the stripes; can't be bothered just yet), while the one on the right is meant to be like a black-panther deal. They both still need their eyes and tongues painted, plus maybe some other greebly bits.


The AT-ST! One of the most fun to paint, and one of the most satisfying results. It's so big!


Back shot.


Bonus Rebel Troopers. I've run a couple of solo games, and included these guys as much as I could; they kind of developed their own story, so I had to paint them up. Sergeant Billy, Private Gubbins, and Captain Philip, of the infamous B-Team (the guys you call when the A-Team can't be bothered). They may not get the job done, but they'll distract the enemy long enough that you can!

Overall these guys were really fun to paint, if exhausting (I kind of spent an entire weekend painting non-stop to get them done). I plan to take the rest of my guys from the expansions much more slowly, first painting the guys I like most and getting to the less exciting characters later on.

I still need to finish up everyone's bases, and while I'd really like to give them some actual flocking (I love basing minis), I still want them to work on any tile from the game (can't have a grass base in the middle of a desert!). The biggest trouble is I want them all to have the same basing, which gets awkward with Snowtroopers. Any suggestions from other painters would be appreciated.

But anywho, them's my minis! Hopefully y'all enjoyed them. I'd love to paint up Murne Riin next (I love Ithorians), but I suppose we'll have to wait and see. Best wishes to you all!

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I really like the brown / tan colour scheme you have going on with all the Alliance faction figures.

I haven't painted enough to upload any pictures of the few figures I've done, but I went with bright orange with a dark wash for one set, and a bold blue-purple for the 2nd set.  The 2nd set was a test, and I'm not really that happy with how they came out, but they have been moved to the "done" section of my minis.

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