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Rename X-Wing

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I've found the header "X-Wing: Take control of powerful X-Wings and nimble TIE Fighters to be a misleading summation of our little hobby. 

Maybe call it:

STAR WARS: EveryWing

Take control of any ship from the Star wars universe that was worth making a model for...

Feedback appreciated.

Asking for a friend. 


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1 hour ago, prauxim said:

3pt bump: For god's sake, get down from there Wedge
Wedge: I see no god up here
Wedge [eyes ablazoned]: But me

Kylo and Rexi Boi disagree. Wedge is terrifying, but high action efficiency and mobility are great way to stay alive. Also turns out that force, juke, and abilities and tech have a terrifying dps.

However, we should fear good Wedge players far more than Wedge the pilot. They know when and how to trade Wedge, to cycle arcs, and keep lockdowns on areas: little repositioning needed. Defensive tokens? Dont bother and shoot more often than the opposition. Wedge is Rebel Quickdraw in game sense strats confirmed.

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