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I just started playing the "Terror of the mists" expansion and have a few questions:


1) The "Dire Influence" lore card mentions elite units, but no unit in this pack
has that trait.   Is there an elite unit, or why else was it mentioned?

2) the Drain and Cursed unit abilities: I presume that the lores are received
earlier, during the "Commit Dice" stage (4), rather than at the "Gain Lore"
stage (9), thus the attacker can for example draw the "Raise Dead" lore when
the target is eliminated even if they previously had only 2 lores to pay.  Right?

3) Morbid Grasp: it says "choose 2 enemy units", rather than the usual
"up to 2 enemy units", so I presume that this lore cannot be used if the enemy
has only one unit left?   Also, I presume that it does not prevent movement
after the move step, for example due to the Onslaught command card?


4) Swamp of Corruption: does the reroll of lore results occur before of after the effect of "Wall of Steel"?


5) Dark Ritual: if during the VP step I eliminate a minion unit by removing its last figure, can I then revive

that unit in a graveyard?   Can I use Desecrate at that point?   Can I damage a Banshee (because it says:

"You may remove 1 figure from the chosen unit") or must I remove the Banshee altogether to gain the VP?


6) The River of Fate: "During Setup" - should the banner marker be placed before or after placing fords, mustering armies and choosing cards?


Thank you in advance!

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