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I just fired up the app for the first time in a few weeks. Interestingly, some aspects of the UI have been changed.

-Gray text boxes now have a gold border and a darker, less opaque background.

-Monster activation boxes have several changes to make them a little less dry. Most noticeably, the minion/master banners are a more rounded shape with jagged edges. There is also a mild red glow at the edge of the action list and special effect box.

-The monster info panel seems to have a softer texture. This could easily be my imagination, since most of the differences I’m noticing in the app are subtle.

-Class names are now included in the “Skill Training” panel.

-The background texture for the Collection Manager looks different as well. Maybe. I thought it shared the charcoal background of the Load/Save menu.

I rather like the new look. It’s subtle, but creates a much more comfortable experience I think.

It did surprise me- I don’t know if this was part of the most recent bug fix or not, but it is interesting to see that FFG worked on improving the UI.

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