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D2e Card Viewer - Image Update Project

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It does not.  When I get done re-doing all of the cards (or when I need a break), I will get back to the Firefox issue.  I actually created an extension for Firefox, it loaded just fine, but then didn't do ANYTHING.  I am not sure why.  I need time to get into the nuts of it to figure it out.  It is on the list of things to look at !

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On September 6, 2019, I spent the majority of the day working on the D2e Card Viewer, and some of the issues that have existed.

Well, I have good news and bad news.

The GOOD news ...

I think I have finally nailed down the viewing issues we have had ...

1) Cards sliding off screen
2) Jumping when links are at the bottom of the screen

I used ideas presented by @Felin, as well as some tweaks of my own, to make what I think will be the final solution. I loaded it locally and tested it on BGG, FFG, and with my Card Viewer test page.  All worked fine.

Essentially, I did several things:

1) Shrunk the minimum container size to 180 px.
2) Removed both the minimum and maximum sizes of the image container, and allowed it to be fully dynamic.
3) Detected if a card would be displayed "off screen", and forced it to remain on screen.

It should be noted that number 3 above may result in the card being displayed OVER where the mouse is currently hovering, but it can't be helped.

The BAD news ...

There seems to be some sort of problem with the Chrome Web Store at the moment.  I have been trying to publish version 2.5 (with all of the changes), and it is still in a state of "pending review".  Normally, this takes no more than 1-5 minutes, but has lasted for more than 6 hours as of now.

I have submitted an issue to Google, and am waiting for their reply.  When I can get it successfully published, I plan on having @Sadgit perform some tests, as he has run into multiple repeatable issues in the past.

I will let you know when I have successfully published a new version of the viewer.

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The Google Chrome Web store finally published the D2e Card Viewer version 2.5.  This should resolve all issues with cards moving off screen, with the screen jumping if a link is near the bottom of the screen, etc.  I have asked @Sadgit and @Felin to do some of their own testing, as they directly experienced some of these issues.

Everything works for me.

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Yes.  Just an FYI ... I am old and broken. 😀

I turned 78 a few months ago, and find that I am battling severe vertigo, dizziness, and nausea.  Some days it is all I can do to get out of bed.  When this is going on, and it is severe, it sometimes last days.  There is no way to even look at a computer screen, let alone do competent work.  So, I am taking a bit of a break as I try to recover from my latest battle.

@Felin and @Sadgit have been very kind to provide guidance, proof reading, double checking cards, etc.  So in the past week or so, when I am up to it, I have been fixing and/or explaining any errors/changes that they may find.

I hope to get back to this shortly.  I think I will be working on all of the relics next.

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