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Essence Harvest clarification

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Hi, just wondering if I’m playing the Soul Reaper card “Essence Harvest” right. It says “When any monster is defeated, place one damage token on this card”.  Am I correct in fact that the monsters can be defeated in any manner, anywhere on the board and not necessarily on your turn? (killed by other pcs, pets, events etc?). Cheers.





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Posted (edited)

Yes, that's right. If a monster is defeated anywhere on the map, the Soul Reaper gets Essence. There is no range or timing limitation.

I wasn't happy with that, as sometimes the Overlord destroys monsters across the map and behind doors (e.g. when summoning the Raven Flock) and doesn't feel like the Soul Reaper should be able to draw power from that.

In my balance patch I added a range limitation of 6 spaces to Essence Harvest.

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