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“Hurt Me Plenty” Edition (Fan Revision)

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Hey there fellow Doomslayers and Invaders!

After a while of tinkering and playtesting and then finalizing, I finally finished the ‘Hurt Me Plenty Edition’ rules! What are these rules? Well, it’s a set of rules alterations I designed to swing the balance of the game to be a little more even across the board between the marines and the demons as I, like so many others, found it rather difficult to find success as the Invader player... Especially against the dreaded Solo Operative, a.k.a. The Doomslayer, and, to a lesser extent, the Combat Veterans.

I already talked a little about my proposed changes in an earlier post, but I’ve finalized a full alternate Rules Reference with all the changes I finally settled on and have been playing with them since February this year and I’m happy to report that me and my group are pleased with the final results. I think I’ve achieved the balance that some of us just can’t seem to find in this game.

And just to lay some worried minds to rest, the ‘Hurt Me Plenty’ rules aren’t a bunch of tacked on extra house rules based on what ifs and crazy new mechanics. All the changes within are actually very minor and all the mechanics are based on already existing mechanisms... and there’s actually only two changes. Granted, these changes have a few minor trickle down effects (which are  addressed), but I think many of you who are looking for more balanced Doom experience (or even one that tends to favor the Invader a little bit) might be pleasantly surprised!

So, if you’re interested, follow the link below to BoardGameGeek.com’s DOOM’s file section and DL the ‘Hurt Me Plenty Edition’ today! I look forward to your feedback and happy DOOMing!


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