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Scum inspiration.

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4 hours ago, Cuz05 said:

Dude. Firesprays!


I know Bobba is the popular one, being so strong.   But I have actually been flying this setup:

Emon with Bobba crew, Lone wolf, Marauder title, Bombadier gunner and Prox mines.     

This leaves just over 100 points with some nice options.  I went with Fenn + Escape craft during a tournament.  But also tried once with two generic Fangs.  And I still want to try it with two generic Assassins.    Or Guri + ?


This plays a lot different than conventional lists.  Emon deploys last, and I found that my turn 1 normally went in one of two directions.  Either the opponent would try to ignore Emon and focus on my seeming lonely Fenn. Giving Emon easy flanking.  Or, more likely they would go for Emon since she is so close.  In which case I would start turn to my side of the table. With both Marauder and Lone wolf I have nice rear fire mods. In the meantime my other ships get to flanking positions with ease.

And the mine placement options with Emon's ability combined with the skilled bombadier is just insane. You can put it either 1, 2, 3 or 4 strait.  Or 2 or 3 turn.   So basically I could "hit" almost anyone trying to get behind me.   Which they get to easily, since I start on the far side of the table and fly back to my side, in front of the enemy.

I love prox mines, because of the 1 to 3 quick damage.  And even if you don't hit, you make enemies swerve to avoid them.  Even better, just having all that options available made people fly very cautiously when behind me.

A more skilled player may get better mileage out of other devices like Protons, but I prefer the instant hit of a mine placed directly under an enemy ship.


3 hours ago, gadwag said:

Again, I encourage players to look at black sun assassins with crack shot. If you don't want to fly 4 of them, try running two with seevor and crack shot Fenn. It's good.

I only recently saw the light, moving from Guri to attempt the generics. They are really fun ships to fly.


5 hours ago, ficklegreendice said:

(Is the scum falcon still at all a thing?)

I have been toying with the idea of a falcon "swarm".  

4 Freighter captains with Dead Man switches and Electronic Baffle.  You don't have a lot of dice,  2 att, 1 def each.   But you do have a LOT of hitpoints.  And with the double arc on a large base you cover a lot of area. The switches were just for a little extra damage against swarms, and the Baffle was just if you really needed to boost/sloop and not be stressed next turn.  Basically you have 16 points of upgrade options to play around with.

Another thing is being initiative 1 you can block a lot of space with the big base. So you get to plan actions, while your opponent bumps and don't get actions.  Block with one, setup the other 3 to shoot. And when the blocker dies it hopefully adds some dead man switch damage.

Still need to put this on a table, but I need to borrow 3 falcons. Not going to go ahead and buy 3 more just to test this.    Against AI this list seemed surprisingly solid. Would like to see how a human reacts to it.

I also found it a bit easier to play using 3 gas clouds giving myself more room to move all the big bases. But once again, more experience players can probably hit obstacles less often than I do. 


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On 8/9/2019 at 12:49 PM, Bort said:

I only recently saw the light, moving from Guri to attempt the generics. They are really fun ships to fly.

Two Crack Assassins with Boba is also a good shout

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