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Episode 119 Epic Mistakes

In this episode, we start the process of reviewing the Epic Battle expansion from FFG.  It's going to be a big meal for us, and we're only just starting... but what better way to start off than with a couple of mistakes?  And this time, we're not the only ones making a mistake or two... *sideline glance at CR-90 dials*


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On 11/6/2019 at 7:33 AM, heychadwick said:

Hey!  I come from a WW2 gaming background.   Google Snub Nosed Fighter and you will get results!  Most deal with ww2 planes.  






...also, you can research the tech "snub nosed star fighter" in No Man's Sky.


Speaking making mistakes... Being a WWII aviation buff and a Star Wars buff... I'm picking up a shovel and digging this mess up.

You are correct in your links - sub nosed fighters refers to SHORT nosed aircraft. The I-16 is another stubby little plane. The Y-Wing may be an example you can use, maybe, but the T-65 certainly is not. That said...


The quote in A New Hope was "Pardon me for asking, sir, but what good are snub fighters going to be against that?"

So while you are indeed quoting an actual thing, you're not quoting the thing you think you are? The difference of one word can change the meaning entirely...



And now I've made a terrible mistake by doing this... It's been bugging me, and continues to bug me... and now you'll do it intentionally to further bug me.

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Just thought I'd leave this here...


Scenario Setup
Place Markers and Remotes: Starting with the first player, players take turns placing 5 inactive satellite remotes (red side) beyond range 1 of any board edge, outside of any deployment area, and beyond range 2 of each other objective token.


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Episode 122: Scenario Smorgasbord, Wave 7 and Baby Yoda

This episode, we'll discuss what scenarios the crew have been playing, talk about the new atmospheric vessels headed to space in wave 7, and do a light touch on the Mandalorian, aka the show with Baby Yoda in it.


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