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Now with Tauntauns! Jyn, Krennic, some scout troopers and an X-34

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I never know if it’s better etiquette to start a new thread or dig up an old one and add to it.  But since I don’t want to scroll through two years of my old photos I figure you don’t want to either.

I’ve been slowly but surely painting up additional forces, while simultaneously being distracted by other shiny objects (Board game minis and Legend of the Five Rings Samurai, some Harry Potter miniatures and the occasional D&D mini... darn.  I’m a full on miniature addict now I guess).  Somewhere along the way I painted up the rebel and imperial specialists but I don’t know if I posted them or not.  

I still love painting individual minis more than squads so I’m pretty happy with my Jyn and Krennic. Tabletop standard as always so don’t expect to magnify them and see flawless lines, lol.  Sorry about the odd background, but I find that holding them in front of my workstation actually produces better light balance and more accurate colors than trying to get them on a white or black background.





I also finished a set of scout troopers.  Man, I hate white... I actually did these guys in a very light gray (Vallejo sky gray) and I should have just left them like that. In isolation they looked white enough.  But once I started adding highlights with white I had to do the whole thing.



I’m also finally breaking my film based traditionalism and doing a non standard unit color.  Here’s my test model for desert scout troopers.


I also got my x-34 done.  I didn’t get final pictures of the base so I will have to dig some up tonight. But I magnetized the riders and had a nice time getting this one done.



Again, not going to win any awards but hey, it looks good at arms length and I had fun doing it.  I may go back and touch up some stuff.

So that’s my update.  I’ve got one squad each of Death Troopers and Pathfinders waiting in the wings, along with a speeder bike unit I’ve been procrastinating on.  Then Bossk and Sabine.  Unlikely I will get all that done before Rebel veterans and Tauntauns come out,  but I can dream right? 

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Finished up the desert scout troopers.  Not great pics but you can get the idea.




These are primed with mechanics standard gray, and then painted in two Vallejo model colors. German camo dark green and Khaki.  I washed liberally with army painter light time and then dry brushed with Khaki.  The base is just Agrellan earth drybrushed a bit with Khaki to lighten it up.

I think the overall scheme works well.  I tried painting highlights but didn’t like the result so I stuck with a light dry brushing instead.  If someone wanted to detail these more I’m sure they could make the scheme look great.  For me, these are basically opposition force pieces and they were much more fun than painting the white ones.


Also, for anyone interested, here’s the landspeeder with the finished base.




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I love what you are doing here.  My desert bases are very similar.


I'd prefer a full black on the rims of the Imperial bases, I find the lighter color a bit distracting.  But that is just a nit picky personal preference.


Keep 'em coming

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