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dice app question

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Can you only use the official Fantasy Flight dice app (that costs $5) in events or any X-Wing dice app? I've tried finding the answer in the rules and tournament guidelines, but didn't see it, so if there's something I missed, please LMK. 


as bad as I've been rolling, a dice app can't be much worse so thought I might try it lol 

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I'm not sure, but I would expect only the official one for official events.  It could be possible for someone to create their own app for cheating purposes, and saying "use our app" is easier than going through a bunch of different apps and figuring out and listing all the good ones.

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Pg 4 of the text only version of the Tournament Regulations.

"Legal Products and Substitutions
Players must use only official X-Wing components in tournament play, with
the following exceptions for third-party replacements (so long as they clearly
convey the information required):
• Nonessential components such as indicators (see “Indicators” on page
• Range rulers that match the dimensions of an official range ruler or a
particular section of an official range ruler.
• Maneuver templates that match the dimensions of official maneuver
templates. Note that players must have a set of maneuver templates
with the center line available to resolve certain maneuvers and actions
(such as the [Tallon Roll] maneuver or [Barrel Roll] action). With their opponent’s
permission, however, they may use other, non-official maneuver
templates that match the dimensions of official maneuver templates
without a center line for movement that does not require the center


3rd party "dice apps" are a no go.

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