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Seyn Marana and Hull Breach.

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Something I'd not really anticipated coming up...

Seyn applied a damage card to full health Zuckuss. Inquisitors hits him with a Conc and flips that card, it's a Hull Breach.

Next turn, Seyn deals another damage card through his shields, with the Breach still face up.

Is the new damage card dealt face up?

Seems yes, since Zuck is suffering a damage but I was in 2 minds since Seyn is just dealing a card.

Quite a nice, evil trick either way :D

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14 minutes ago, thespaceinvader said:

No for the reason you state in your last paragraph.

Seyn deals a card, not a (hit) so there's nothing to turn to a (crit).

That makes sense. Thanks.

Also just seen, according to the wiki, being dealt a damage card is not the same as suffering a damage. Which clears it up a bit.

Now to see if it ever comes up again.

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• If an effect instructs a player to deal a damage card to a ship, this is different from the ship suffering damage. (...)

Hull Breach:

Before you would suffer 1 or more hit damage, suffer that much critical hit damage instead. 

Action:Repair this card.


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