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Autoblaster+Marksmanship Poe

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Is this combination worth its 3 points? It sounds really cool at first glance:

If Poe has the defender in his bullseye, he rolls one extra dice when using autoblaster (so 4 at r1 or  3 at r2). With Marksmanship he turns one hit turns into a crit. If Poe is not in the defenders forward firing arc, crits cant be canceled. Sounds nice.

Nevertheless I have two concers:

1) Poe likes to have a bid. Depending on your list this combination can hurt your bid. Question: Is it better than having a bid?

2) Crits get negated after normal hits. When you are rolling lots of dice and Poe's has a focus/lock you can expect more hits which means that the crit can't be canceled anyway. So its basically useless against ships with low agility, isn't it?

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I think two things are true:

1} T-70 Aces have a lot of tools for getting out of arc (Poe, Nien, and Ello all are decent at it), so they're not bad at triggering the conditions for Autoblasters.  But I don't know exactly how good the Autoblasters effect is.  IDC about opinions: nothing other than hard math or a dice calc will be remotely satisfying.

2} Heroic.  I flew a couple of games against a Poe just over a week ago.  First game Poe had Autoblaster/Marksmanship.  Green dice roll double-blank.  Next games?  Switched to Heroic.  My opponent also rolled double-blank, and got Evades.  Heroic doesn't add a lot.  Without focus, 0.1 evades per defense, mathematically speaking.  But there's no charges, no positional requirements, nothing other than a small random effect on every single attack.  That adds up, over the course of a game.  It's about half as effective as a Hull Upgrade in terms of extending time-to-die on a T-70 (0.319 extra attacks survived, compared to 0.652), for 20% of the cost.

However, Autoblasters have exactly the same red dice as a closed S-Foils T-70.  Spending two points gets you crits that can't be cancelled.  Heroic + Autoblasters is probably not bad.  But I don't know not bad.

I'm tired of not knowing.  I think I'm going to have to make a spreadsheet.

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