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Han and Sabine

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Hey..was hoping for the hive mind here to let me know what you think.  I haven't been able to play for almost a year and I am trying to get back into it with all the new stuff.  I want to play Han and Sabine.   Can you all let me know what you think of this list. 

Han - Improvised Orders, Duck and Cover, Emergency Stims - 146pts

Sabine - Personal Combat Shield, Endurance, Targeting Scopes - 147pts

Rebel Commando/Snipers -  Dh-447 Sniper 44pts 

Rebel Commando/Snipers -  Dh-447 Sniper, Long Range Comlink - 54 pts

Rebel Troopers - Z-6 Trooper - 62pts X 4 -248pts 

AT-RT - AT-RT Flam - 80pts x 2 - 160pts

Total 799pts.


Let me know what you think.  Did I do this right.  lol  

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Looks good, lots of free kills from Sabine and Han's gunslinger. Your Han is built nicely as well, I love that load-out for him. 

A few trimmings

-Long Rang Com on the sniper. The inclusion of snipers is usually for an activation padding. They aren't really timing dependent; you corner peek with them, pull the token at some point, and get a free wound. 

-Shield and Targeting scopes on Sabine. Definitely take off the scopes, they only happen if you are taking an aim action, which is better outright for imperials. You want to keep Sabine mobile, dash in, gunslinger, then barrel out. The shield is more up to you. It requires an action to recharge, and like the scopes, you want to be scooting and shooting, much like her partner Han. It does guarantee a free block, but it will be up to you if its worth it. I personally think its an area to trim. Keep track of how often you use it and how much you save with it, and then you be the judge. 

I like the double flamers. An older archetype was triple Flamer with Han, but as long as you run them as flankers, you should do fine with it, just dont let one of them get focused down.

Really good list! I used to main Han awhile ago, Im really looking to get back into the scoundrel. Let me know how this list goes, and good luck!! 

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the input.  I hope to get a game with it soon.  Had to cancel my game for Wed.   

I meant to add these.

Command Cards.

Sorry about the Mess, Explosions, Reckless Diversion, Symbol of Rebellion, Change of Plans, Legacy of Mandolore.


Battle cards.  Break Through, Sabotage, Key positions.  Battle lines, Major Offensive, Disarray, Advanced Positions.

                         Hostile Environment, Mine Field, Rapid Reinforcements, Limited Visibility. 

Edited by SSGClark

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I would echo gothound.  I don't think you quite have points but the daeksaber on sabine helps when she needs to get stuck in melee with a unit. I've had hee hunt Boba Fett and Krennic with that thing and it really messes with opponent's gameplay

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