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Acquiring All Core Set Cards

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I have a few questions regarding how to have all of the core set cards with at least three copies of each.

  1. Do the house intro decks cover all of the core set cards for that specific race?
  2. How many copies of the core set do I need to purchase to get every card 3x (3 times I suppose?)?
  3. Are there any 3rd party options to fill in the missing core set cards (with one core set)?

Many thanks in advance!

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The pattern of the Core Set is that pretty much every single card is a 1x, so not only is buying 3 necessary to get 3x of everything, it also means that there's not a not of wastage in buying up to three compared to, say, what the Netrunner core had. I've heard tale of some faction's core-set cards going around on eBay but that was a long time ago and I doubt it's still a thing/worth doing instead of just getting more Cores.

The Intro Decks do not comprise their particular faction's Core Set cards. They're a little different to that: selecting cards from across the Core Set, deluxe expansions and cycles 3-4 to give you a good sampling of the broader cardpool. If you're not sure whether you want to get 3 Core Sets straight away, a single Core would be a decent way to expand the options given to you by an Intro Deck.

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