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Constantine Valdor

Does Multiple of Fleet Commands stack?

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So let's says you brought a SSD and ISD-2 with Chimera title

on the list builder you bring Shield TM on the SSD and Entrapment F on the Chimera
mid game you swap Entrapment to a 2nd Shield TM on the Chimera.
and you got tokens to activate both cards.

Do they stack? Does each ship recover 2 shields?

I can't find a relevant answer in the Armada FAQ

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Posted (edited)

From the Rules Reference.


A fleet cannot contain more than one card with the same unique name, even if those cards are of different types.

That restriction doesn't just apply to list-building so you cannot have more than one of any (unique) Fleet Command card in your fleet. If you had the SSD and an ISD with Chimaera, and EF! on the SSD, you couldn't use Chimaera to swap in AF!.

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