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You're biggest point of focus should always be the most dangerous maneuver I.e. the maneuver that hurt your current position to make.


For example, let's say your X-Wing and an enemy Wedge Antilles are facing each other and at about range 2. A straight 1 or 2 for Wedge are Neutral maneuvers as they'll offer little or no advantage to your possible maneuvers.


A bank makes basically no sense. It's unlikely to catch any unusual maneuvers and is simply worse against common choices available to you. In this respect, a bank of any speed is Positive I.e. purely beneficial for you.


A hard turn only makes sense if he's calling a Tallon roll from you and even then a 3 risks bumping, so a 2 is possible, but only if your opponent contextually feels a tallon roll is your maneuver and even then it's a coin flip which way you're tallon rolling (well, not really, usually other factors make this untrue, but for this example we'll call it a coin flip). This is Negative I.e. it would be really bad for you if he hard turned into your tallon roll (however, if he's calling a tallon roll, a 1 bank would actually be better).


The 4 K, however, is the most likely and dangerous move. Because you have to move first and it lands behind your current position. There's very little you can do that will not result in a 4k having a shot. What's worse, you can't 4k because you maneuver first and it will cause a collision. If he 4ks and you don't 4k (which you can't) or Tallon Roll, he both gets free damage (shoots you with no return fire) and a stronger position next turn.


So, armed with that knowledge a Tallon roll is the strongest option into his most dangerous and most likely maneuver. Practice this with a few different ships in different positions.

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