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Time to name our new pet Starhawk

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As with quite a few rabble ships, they seem to get nicknames, usually with regards to sea creatures which they resemble(e.g. the long standing shrimp/squid debate(it's a dolphin! there I said it))  so what do you think we should name this one?


I'd go for Galactic Angler Fish


The shape seems to resemble one, while instead of luring with light it pulls prey in with tractor beams. (It also explains the neon colours too)


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Usually nicknames tend to be shorter and simpler. I can't think of any that really capture the aesthetic in a quicker manner. Closest winner for me is the Starhook, because it's punny and also visually accurate. If it were a Mon Cal boat I'd say Fishhook haha. It also looks like a thiccccc Neb B, so maybe Big Neb or Fat Neb.


I suspect the Axe will be what shakes out. On second thought maybe drumstick too, to stick with the food theme of the rebel fleet 

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• Avenger: "What do you want, old man?"

• StarHook: "Just you."

• Avenger: "You've got me, StarHook. [flies back] Pan the Avenger has returned."

• StarHook: "And the Hook is waiting."



(ready to SALVO attack)

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