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Darth Meanie

A Tray with X Ships is a. . .

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OK folks, time to unify the nomenclature.  Now that we can have units of ships, you want to sound slick calling them by the right appellation. :)

2 Ships = an Element.


3 Ships = Technically a flight, but see below.  I'd prefer to call it an Escort.

4 Ships = a Flight


5 Ships = Also technically a flight, but maybe a Unit or Group??

6 Ships = a half-squadron.  If you prefer, it's a demi-squadron, but then you have to move them with your pinkie up.


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Wing rules allow for up to 6 ships. That should be a full squadron for all purpose.

And I proposed before that 4 strong wings are to be called a Squ4d 

Imho, element sounds horrible...

2 = wing

3 = escort

4 = squ4d

5 = group

6 = squadron or unit

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