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Empire Hyperspace - Double Ace + Decimator

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Hello all,

I drafted a list and test flew it last night - was great fun to fly and did well.

Rear Admiral Chiraneau (76)
Darth Vader (14)

Soontir Fel (53)
Predator (2)

“Duchess” (42)
Predator (2)
Fifth Brother (9)
Total: 198

View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0

Any thoughts/comments/ideas to improve?


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1 hour ago, Glattyator said:

Looks good, you have flexibly with your mods and plenty of meat/evasion to get damage out

Yeah, RAC is surprisingly durable especially as you are reinforcing a lot (to benefit from his pilot ability too) AND because enemies want to target the sneaky aces first. In the game I played last night, the red coordinate action was also EXTREMELY useful after Soontir got a block that next turn would have sent him over a debris field.

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2 hours ago, Amc879 said:

Adding hull/ shield to the decimator makes it harder to get half points on, and could keep vader around an extra turn. Without dauntless, you have to worry about being bumped

I considered this, but for my local meta at least, I think the 2pt bid will be handier. 

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RAC almost HAS to have title. I’d drop 5th bro on the very fragile frame of Duchess. Throw title and Hull Upgrade on RAC. 

My list

Hyper RAC

(76) Rear Admiral Chiraneau [VT-49 Decimator]
(14) Darth Vader
(3) Intimidation
(4) Dauntless
(2) Tactical Scrambler
Points: 99

(42) "Duchess" [TIE/sk Striker]
(2) Predator
Points: 44

(53) Soontir Fel [TIE Interceptor]
(2) Predator
Points: 55

Total points: 198

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