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Miranda Doni restored to active duty (My new K-Wing List)

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FINALLY bought into 2nd Edition and got caught up (yeah, it only took me a year), and some time to read up on 2nd and get the hang of things. My first goal was to get Miranda flying again! Anyhow, here's my K-Wing List:

BTL-S8 K-wing - •Miranda Doni - 83
    •Miranda Doni - Heavy Hitter (43)
        Cluster Missiles (5)
        Proton Rockets (7)
        •Leia Organa (6)
        Bomblet Generator (5)
        Advanced SLAM (3)
        •Han Solo (14)

RZ-1 A-wing - •Arvel Crynyd - 41
    •Arvel Crynyd - Green Leader (34)
        Intimidation (3)
        Ion Missiles (4)

T-65 X-wing - •Luke Skywalker - 76
    •Luke Skywalker - Red Five (62)
        •R2-D2 (5)
        Afterburners (6)
        Heightened Perception (3)
        Servomotor S-foils (Closed) (0)

Total: 200/200

View in the X-Wing Squad Builder


Just lemme know what you guys think!

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That is WAY more than I'm ever going to put on Miranda Doni, but I do think she's a decent pilot.

What I was flying her with lately was Jyn Erso (having an Evade token in addition to the shield regen means an opponent will need to put 3 hits into her to make any progress), Bomblet Generator (I figure I could more easily give up a shield than an attack and an action to reload, but it's pretty interchangeable with Proton Bomb), and Delayed Fuses (helped me land bombs twice, without blowing up my own ships... seems good for a single point, but it'd also be an easy cut).

The some other upgrades I'd consider are Barrage Rockets (just a solid 3-dice attack out the front arc) and Hotshot Gunner (if the rest of the squad has lower/tied initiative than Miranda, it can be handy, deleting a token after a 1-die attack).  Miranda also seems like a solid Leia carrier, if there's no one else in the squad to take her.  I also suppose the new Diamond Boron Missiles would be good on Miranda, since she'll have a decent chance to reload and get a second shot with the splash proc.


Anyhow, there are a few issues with your build.  Han Solo and Cluster Missiles don't interact well.  Han Solo, as an attack which happens outside Miranda's normal sequence, is a Bonus Attack, and a ship can only perform one Bonus Attack per round.  As such, Miranda won't be able to both take a Han Solo turret shot, as well as use the bonus attack feature of the Clusters.  Meanwhile, Miranda is not the kind of ship which will have an easy time getting a bullseye attack, so Proton Rockets seem like a really bad fit and probably will never get used.

So I have two thoughts for somewhat similar squads:

  • Squad the First
    • Luke Skywalker (same loadout) 76 - It's just a decent Luke build.  Heightened Perception could be cut for points, or downgrading R2-D2 to a plain R2 Astromech, but it's all solid if the points are there.
    • Thane Kyrell (just S-Foils) 48 - Thane's a solid higher-initiative X-Wing, nothing too fancy, but able to do decently without dice mods or with S-Foils closed.  I think he'd probably accomplish more over time than Arvel would, since there's points to spare.
    • Miranda Doni (Han Solo, Leia Organa, Barrage Rockets, Bomblet Generator) 76 - Fairly trimmed down.  Only one kind of missile, in this case Barrage Rockets for maximum flexibility.  She can shoot first with her turret with Han, then at Init 4 with her Rockets.
  • Squad the Second
    • Luke Skywalker (same loadout) 76
    • Miranda Doni (Jyn Erso, Bomblet Generator, Delayed Fuses) 51 - Now this is a really lean ship, to be able to afford a 4th ship in the list, but I think Miranda is still decent.  If only like one enemy ship is shooting at her, it takes FOREVER for her to die.  She doesn't necessarily accomplish much in that time, but it means that those attacks aren't going into other ships.  Meanwhile, she can drop some bombs to splash some damage, and she can fairly often get a potent 4-dice range 1 primary attack.
      • Jyn works great with Luke Skywalker.  He has the force for modifying his focus results, but Jyn let's him Evade to fix a blank, and makes him quite tanky.
    • Arvel Crynyd (Intimidation) 37 - I don't think Ion Missiles is a really interesting piece of gear for him, but I can't quite afford it in this variant.
    • Jake Farrel (-) 36 - Jake's just an interesting little pocket ace.  He's able to support other ships with his ability if you want, or he can just Barrel Roll/Focus or Boost/Focus on his own without taking stress.

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BitterFig has a lot of good recommendations. 2.0 is much less about piling on the upgrades onto smaller ship count lists, so you need to be more judicious. My only tweak would be to substitute in Garven for Thane in the first list. This allows Miranda to be freer in spending her focus token, with the understanding that Garven can refresh her. It also makes them the same Ini, making them much easier to fly together.

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Great stuff guys. Thanks for the input this far! Also working on a couple of other builds (Dengar/Fett for Scum, and I'm not sure yet on an Imperial build, I may try a double TIE Defender build).

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 I would try her with: 

angled deflectors + bomblet + Proton torpedos + Magva Yarro 

If you want her cheaper :

Bomblet + c3P0 + Shield upgrade 

Edited by Rokian
changed rockets to torpedos

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