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Stranger Things MoM idea

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My kids have become totally addicted to MoM lately, and we have been playing it a lot.  

We also just finished Stranger Things Season 3, and come to the conclusion that the MoM style of game play would make an excellent Stranger Things game. 

With a decent number of locations, the school, the junkyard, Hopper's cabin, the research station .. all with possible corresponding "upside down" tiles, the game style really fits the Stranger Things world.  The types of monsters are reminiscent of MoM creatures.  The ability for the app to track things that may be hiding in the upside down could be cool.  Similar to the insanity mechanic, characters could potentially become thralls of the Mindflayer.  

I don't know how feasible this would be, I assume Hasbro/WotC hold the master game license for Stranger Things given the D&D tie ins.  But FFG has licensed out game systems before with a couple variants on the xwing games (D&D Attack Wing pops to mind), so some kind of partnership is a possibility. 


I would buy a Stranger Things version of the game. 

Does that sound interesting to anyone else?

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On 8/9/2019 at 7:25 AM, Lipstickpaddy said:

Just finished season 2 and moving onto season 3 next week, but have no idea how Stranger Things could be used with the MoM template whatsoever!  Colour me intrigued on how this could work however.

Could be half-way journeys on middle earth and mansions of madness, using big tiles to move through Hawkins and its surroundings and then detailed tiles for interiors (mall, lab, hawker's cabin, the arcade...) 

And think about it, the characters are very similar to any D&D party (eleven is the wizard, Lucas the elf, Dustin the dwarf, Steve and Jonathan the fighters or paladins, Max is the bard, Erica the rogue halfling... 

So it would not be difficult to create a dungeon crawler... 

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