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Corellian Conflict - All-Out Offensive Thoughts?

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Hey all! Been off of the forums for a while. Anyway, my local gaming group is about to wrap up our Corellian Conflict campaign. I'm looking over the All-Out Offensive rules, and I have some concerns or questions that aren't covered in the FAQ. Since I'm sure many of you all have played in (or run!) your own campaigns, I was hoping for some advice. So here are the things I was thinking about:


1) We ended up playing 4v4 (we had seven players, so splitting into two campaigns wasn't super practical). Looking at the CC rules, each level has a 3' section of table per player on each side (6' for 2v2, 9' with 7' setup in 3v3). Would you all recommend trying to do 9' with no Range 5 in for setup, or 12' with a Range 5 in for setup? I feel like 9' might be a little cramped for four fleets on each side, especially considering that one team gets to place 4 hyperspace tokens they'd get to dominate much of the table.


2) Concerning the victory tokens - did anyone find it a bit too one-sided for one team placing all of the tokens at once? Again with 4v4, I feel like one team putting down four tokens first can be one sided? In a straight line they could cover a little over 8' of the table blocking out their opponent's tokens. (I'm wondering if this would be another reason to play on 12', so they can't cover the entire table?)


3) Hyperspace Reserves - Can multiple ships use the same victory token per turn? The rules are silent on this, so I'm not sure if it was oversight (some of the rules in the CC book are a bit unclear) or if they intended that. On the one hand, having four ISDs appear in a flank or rear is a bit OP. But if you limit it to one ship per token, and only one token is anywhere near the enemy fleets, then you'll only have one unit per turn likely entering.


Any other takeaways from All-Out Offensives? Any input would be appreciated!

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