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Ishi Tonu

My plan as unofficial L5R community coordinator/brand director

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We are closing in on the release of the Crab, Lion, and Dragon clan packs, which will mark the end of the first clan cycle, and the dawn of a new age for el5are.

Flantasy Fight Gums will begin a cycle of premium rival expansion packs that will shift the balance of power in Koguran, bring balance to the game, fix any included cards that received errata, and bring new players into the game.

Each pack will include the following:

2 complete tournament legal decks, and enough tokens to get two new players into the game

The decks will be comprised of a mix of alt art clan and neutral cards that are deemed balanced, best support the clan themes, and/or pivotal to the story.  Most importantly they will be cards that appeared in the core set and first two dynasty cycles, to ensure that they remain a good value for anyone that plans on playing the game for the long term, as these packs will be considered premium expansion.  Players who did originally purchased the core sets and first two expansion cycles will not be required to purchase these cards as you likely already own them all.

The planned rival decks are as follows:

Dragon vs Phoenix (battle of the elements/rings)

Lion vs Unicorn (clash of military clans)

Crane vs Scorpion (clash of political clans)

Crab vs ???? faction

Additional dynasty cycles will follow that focus on the 7 great clans.  The next premium expansion ("The Arrival of the ????, dun dun dun") will feature a reprint of the ???? faction cards from their rival pack and  an infusion of new ???? faction cards that builds upon their XXXX theme that will be unveiled in the Crab vs ???? pack. (so rest assured that you will have another opportunity to play the ???? if you didn't purchase  the crab vs ???? pack.

I will coordinate all information about design, OP, story, and anything else el5are related.  you can email your el5are questions to me at somethingel5are@effeffgee.corn.  I will provide weekly updates on as many el5are topics as I can. 

Utz!!!!!!!!! (and yes it's ok to respond to this with Banzai!)

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1 minute ago, Evilgm said:


Hello loyal el5are patron.  Thank you for your feedback.  Please email your criticism, questions, comments, etc. to the email provided in the OP.

Thank you again for your feedback.

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