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Golemstar V2

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Folks, here's one of the other lists we're thinking of for GenCon.  It's one of my favorite themes since I love the Rune Golem models.  Very iconic...



Baron Zachareth [38] 1x1
Fortunas Dice [6]-
Nerekhall Training [4]-
Remove Unit [48]
Rune Golems [50] 2x2
Tempered Steel [3]-
Raven Tabards [2]-
Remove Unit [55]
Heavy Crossbowmen [48] 3x2
Tempered Steel [3]-
Marching Cornicen [2]-
Close Quarters Targeting [3]-
Remove Unit [56]
Spearmen [18] 2x1
Rallying Cornicen [4]-
Remove Unit [22]
Rune Golems [17] 1x1
Remove Unit [17]

It has a nice ranged threat to force people to close.  Fortuna's Dice plus Nerekhall Training forces people to bank Inspiration tokens or stand there Immobilized.  I've grown very attached to Marching Cornicen on the Crossbowmen- that free turn has been a life-saver in my experience.  I would love to find the points to put a Greyhaven Channeler in for my Champion slot, but I just don't see where to rip out the points.  With that, I see the biggest challenge to playing this list as the setup- getting the Golemstar in the right position at the start.  The second biggest challenge is that many of the units need to be near each other to leverage their respective benefits making it even more important that you get everything placed just right.  Also, this force needs a fairly wide frontage to fight, so Deployments like Overextended are a bit challenging.  Finally, I think I'll put a 2x1 Spearmen with Rallying Cornicen in just about every Daqan force.  It's so good and flexible.

Regardless, it's a fun force thematically!!

Any pointers???

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