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Open Carry in New Angeles

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Something that I didn't see much in the way of explanation in the SotB book was the legality of carrying, or even openly carrying, firearms and other weapons in New Angeles. Earth Station has a backscatter arch looking for weapons. And there are rules and talents concerning Restricted (R) weapons. But nothing really touches on the general legality and attitude towards weapons in public. (I didn't see anything in The Worlds of Android either.) 

Can PCs, who generally don't have their own private transportation, just load up their gear and get on the metro without hassle? If they can't, will a taxi take them to their mission while toting all sorts of weapons? How do others handle this in their games?

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Here are a few guidelines thank have worked well in our game.

  • Anything clearly on one's person that could reasonably be used for self-defense is okay in the plaza, which is the equivalent of walking the streets. The character may get some odd looks depending on the caliber or customization, but most won’t care. This also applies to heavier duty computer equipment that someone might suspect is for hacking.
  • Heavy ranged weapons will likely get you a couple of questions from the local NAPD beat cops. A successful Charm, Deception, Bribe, or Small Favor will make them move along. Increase the difficulty based on how many are outfitted like this.
  • Restricted items and things that are clearly explosive or hacking gear will attract the attention of the police. Get caught and they will be confiscated and earn you a trip to the nearest precinct for questioning. Using a skill check to weasel out of this should have a Challenge die, and some setback depending on what is actually said.
  • Public transportation also applies to these guidelines. Most people on the train don’t want a fire fight or scrap in such closed quarters. Same goes for any cops that want to learn more about your hardware. Taxi drivers just want their money and have learned the questions lead to ditched fares.
  • Privet institutions and specific neighborhoods at and above plaza level have their own rules, but are usually more restrictive.
  • The Undercity doesn’t care. However, any Disenfrancisto will tell not to head down at all unless you are strapped. Some gangs have their own rules regarding passage through their turf, but a reasonable social check will have them returned on the other side. However, they may be empty of ammo when returned.

 Hope this was helpful.



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