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200pt Task force event

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Just got home from running a task force event in Wellington NZ

- 200pts Fleets.
- 67pts max squadrons (1/3pts)
- No Admirals.
- 4 games (1hour 15mins each)

Thank you for everyone who attended today. Good to see an even split of 4 Imperial and 4 Rebel fleets and not an ISD in sight. not much in the way of squads. Most people just taking 1-3  squads. All played on 3x3 tables.

Congrats on the place getters.

1st Shane Fletcher, 27pts, 348MoV, 2x Gladiator (no demo title)
2nd Christopher Nicol, 25pts, 283MoV, 2x Nebulon-B.
3rd Iain Campbell, 24pts, 116MoV, Victory, Arquitens, Gladiator (no demo title).
4th Mathew Collett, 23pts, 99MoV, Victory, Raider, Arquitens.
5th Michael Strudwick 22pts, 133MoV, 2x Victory’s.
6th Joel Hague, 20pts, 102MoV, MC80 Liberty, CR90.
7th John Fletcher, 19pts, 91MoV, 2x MC30.
8th John Howell, 16pts, 0MoV, 2x Nebulon-B, (only played 2 games)


We used the Valuable  payload mission for every game.








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On 7/28/2019 at 9:22 PM, CMDR Kastor said:

Those Victories are absolutely gorgeous.

Oh man that looks fun, I love smaller fleet actions, wanna come down to Christchurch to run one? 😜

If im every down there I would. We need to have some sort of Nationals Somewhere.

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