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Anyone ever try to stat these for Genesys or Star Wars RPG?

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So I am NOT a big fan of bringing other franchises into another franchises universe, though there are a few ships that I love immensely, no matter the game/franchise.

Has anyone converted any of these to Star Wars FFG RPG?



Also looking for this one



Mind you an argument can be made they are basically the same ship, though I'd say one is faster, while the other tougher.

Thanks guys and gals

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I'm making a Star Trek skin for Genesys.  There's a couple of things I did a little different for starships.  Each ship has a set of systems (I'm stealing borrowing this from another system).  When your character uses that system on the ship, they use the ship's system as an attribute, and your character's skill to create a dice pool.  For example, a Defiant Class has a Weapons system of 5, and your character has a Gunnery skill of 2, you'd roll 2 yellow, and three green.  Make sense?  There are some other things, I've incorporated from other games, or for feeling of making it more "trekish" but here is my writeup for the Defiant Class

Defiant Class

Silhouette: 4                     Sublight: 3

Shields: 3/2/2/2               Armor: 5

HT Threshold: 32             SS Threshold: 20

Rarity: 8 (R)


Comms 3             Engines 4            Structure 2

Computers 3      Sensors 3            Weapons 5


Crew Bonus: Conn b, Security bb

Entered Service: 2371

Class: Heavy Escort (EH)

Warp Engines: 6/9.2

Ship’s Complement: 40 (15 Officers, 25 Enlisted)

NPC Crew: 1

Hanger Bay: 4 Size Shuttlecraft Worth

Traits: Ablative Armor, Quantum Torpedoes

Remaining Hard Points: 1

Weapons: Phaser Cannons (Dmg: 8; Crit: 4; Range: Medium; Accurate 1, Autofire 1)

  Quantum Torpedoes (Fore/Aft; Dmg: 9; Crit: 2; Range: Long; Blast 6, Breach 6, Guided 2, Slow-Firing 1)

  Light Tractor Beam (Fore/Aft; Dmg: -; Crit: -; Range: Close; Tractor 2)


The USS Defiant has a Cloaking Device for its additional Hard Point


Cloaking Device

Can activate a cloaking device, which normally renders a starship undetectable.  If someone were to suspect a cloaked starship, and check with a Sensor + Operating skill check with a difficulty equal to the cloaked ship’s Engine stats in purple dice.

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I probably could, but I don't think I will.

Both craft have the same problem in that they inhabit essentially the same role within their respective stories: Super Ships. Anything you can do, they can do better.

Just like trying to stat a main character, trying to stat a super ship will just degrade into an argument over how powerful the ship "needs" to be. 

Within lore you could probably do so with less risk, but comparing B5 and Trek to something else like Star Wars gets insane. Comparing "fact" will alone get stupid fast. For example a Quantum torpedo is estimated to have a "rated" yield of around 47 Megatons, and a Turbolaser is proposed around 595 megatons. For reference the Baker test at Bikini Island was .023 megatons. Yeah... crazy and rather incompatible with each other and what we see on screen.

Even just eyeballing it... it's hard. Is a Pulse Phaser blast the same as a Turbolaser? Do I scale up/down hyperspace to be level with warp travel? 


So yeah... Making the Defiant or White Star is possible, but only in reference to other craft from the same universe. I can make a Defiant and I can get it to hold up next to a Galaxy Class, or a Bird of prey or Warbird... but that's it.

Then you've got the "Hero" status. The Defiant is a hero ship. It does more than any other ship, (and granted, it is supposed to be a real serious warship, so it's numbers are gonna be kinda high to begin with) to the point that it can really do anything the story needs it to, so it's stats will spiral up and out of control if you let them. Good comparison here is the Falcon in Star Wars. On-screen confirmation we can say certain things about it with relative certainty. We know it's got quadlasers, and smuggling compartments, and a ground buzzer... but what else? Over the years other garbage has been added to the lore that the ship really doesn't need to do what it does on-screen. Heavier armor, Shields, and on and on. The Defiant and White Star are the same way. I can run numbers on what we know for sure it's got, but there will always be an otaku shouting "well what bout episode 327 where it CLEARLY has deutronioum armor plating around the nacelles in addition to the armor you listed because it too a hit form a cardassian disruptor that destroyed the USS Farragut in one shot. So you should make it Armor 20 instead of Armor 4."


So yeah... want to make a Trek Mod for Genesys/Star Wars, I can give you some suggestions. But no way I'm putting that chocolate into that peanut butter...

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Posted (edited)

Babylon 5 Genesys would be interesting too.

As a setting it's one of the widest sweeps of technology - Narn and Human gear is mostly at 'rockets and seatbelts' level all the way up to the First Ones where physics is very much considered an optional extra, and it has a very well fleshed out universe, cast of minor characters and set of plotlines.

The White Star is a pretty terrifying ship. One thing to bear in mind - and which is reflected in the internal shots you see, launch bays, the size of the bridge, etc - it's not comparable to the Defiant in size. It's actually pretty close to the original series Enterprise. Despite pulling snap turns and skin dancing.


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